Riding the Placer River Valley in Southcentral Alaska. Photo by Scott M. 
My name is Jill Homer. I'm 34 years old and I'm an outdoor and wilderness enthusiast amid the high-tech crowds of the Silicon Valley. The "who I am" list also includes author, cyclist, journalist, endurance racer, trail runner, travel fan, photo documentarian, former Alaskan who longs to move back someday, cat lady, and peanut butter cup connoisseur — probably in that order. I also adore winter; and yes, I do live in California.

Beat and I at Rainy Pass along Alaska's Iditarod Trail.
I grew up as a shy Mormon girl in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, timid but driven by a fierce independent streak that doesn't bend easily. I like to do what I want, and go where the wind takes me — two traits that have spurred a lifestyle more focused on adventure than career or domesticity. I value work in book authorship and newspaper journalism, and am working on building my dream job: Long-form adventure writing. I live in Los Altos with my partner of four years, Beat, and my cat of ten years, Cady. Cady is a bit of a couch potato, but both Beat and I are rabidly active. He likes to run and has completed more than forty ultramarathons of a hundred miles or more, including two thousand-mile treks across Alaska on the Iditarod Trail. My claim to craziness is completion of the Tour Divide, a 2,745-mile mountain bike race along the spine of North America, in 2009. I wrote a book about it that people seem to like. Insert shameless self promotion here. My endurance resume also includes two completions of the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350-mile race to McGrath — once with a bike and once on foot — and is rounded out by several hundred-mile snow bike races, 24-hour mountain bike races, and stage races. The number of hundred-mile ultramarathons I've run is four, and my best trail 50K time is 5:36. (I don't have a marathon time. I've never run one.)

I started this blog way back in 2005, after I moved from Idaho Falls to Homer, Alaska, to pursue life and love in the Last Frontier. It began as "Up in Alaska," an online journal to document my outdoor adventures. And although the blog has evolved and shifted as rapidly as life has in the past nine years, it remains essentially that — a personal outdoor journal. I know no one reads lifestyle blogs any more, but it's fun to have an outlet for writing, photography, and journal keeping, all wrapped up in a convenient online package. Maybe someday, somebody will pay me enough to write gear advertorials and top-ten lists; for now, however, I'm still simply "Jill Outside." 

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