Articles by Jill Homer: 

Can you still call yourself an adventurer if you use a GPS safety beacon?
— The Guardian, August 20, 2015

The Hardest Part About My 2,745-mile Bike Race? Knowing When to Quit
 — The Guardian, July 13, 2015

Pushing through the pain: Ultrarunner Ann Trason makes a quiet comeback 
— The Guardian, February 20, 2015

The Great Divide Basin
— Cycling Utah, April 2013

Diana Nyad's impossible dream should be saluted, not scorned
— The Guardian, August 24, 2012

Independence Day: A Day in the Life of the Tour Divide 
— Cycling Utah, June 2010

"4,000 Miles By Boot, Raft and Ski"
— Juneau Empire, November 26, 2009

"Get Out" column for the Juneau Empire:

SAD? Winter joy all a matter of how you look at it
This amazing autumn is one for the books
Eaglecrest Road a hike, bike menagerie 
Getting away from it all on the Sheep Creek Trail
Jumbo Vision: Standing on top of Douglas Island
Take a wild, colorful ride on Juneau's Thunder Mountain

Clips page from 2004 (mostly broken links)

Other media coverage:

"Call '8,000 Miles Across Alaska' an instant classic of Alaska outdoors literature"
 — David A. James, Alaska Dispatch, February 28, 2015

  Profile: Jill Homer, Cartographer of the Mind
 — Emily Chappell, Apidura, November 3, 2014

  "Homer Weaves Dramatic Tale in 'Be Brave, Be Strong'"
— Abby Lowell, Juneau Empire, September 15, 2011

  Interview With (Former) Alaskan Cyclist Jill Homer
 — Adayak, May 2010

  Jill Homer: Ultra Endurance Racing Around the World
 — The Bicycle Story, June 9, 2012

Jill Homer: How Long Distances Lead You Home podcast
— Elevation Trail, April 7, 2013

  "The Great Divide Basin: An Excerpt From Be Brave, Be Strong"
 — Cycling Utah, June 23, 2013

  Spotlight on 'Be Brave, Be Strong'
 — Indie Spotlight, December 28, 2011

  "Frontier Rider: Native Utahn Prepares for 350-mile Endurance Test in Alaska"
 — Jared Eborn, Deseret News, February 19, 2008

  "Cyclist Completes Her Icy Ride"
 — Jared Eborn, Desert News, March 3, 2008

  Special Series: Biking the Iditarod
— Bryant Park Project, NPR 2007-2008

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