Friday, July 28, 2006

Gonna miss it here

Date: July 27
Mileage: 29.5
July mileage: 644.8
Temperature upon departure: 53

A week is all I have left in the Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea.

Everything I do now is shadowed by the notion that it could be my last time.

My last time dodging erratic pedestrians on the Homer Spit;

My last time sweating up East Hill;

My last time pedaling down an abandoned road in search of an unobstructed view of the 11 p.m. sunset;

My last small town surprise - an overturned Subaru laid to final rest beside the silent shadow of Mt. Redoubt.

I know it's not the last. I know it's not yet over.

But I already miss it.


  1. Please take it from an old traveler that the best time to miss a place, culture, life; is just before you leave it. And if you celebrate it with a tear and a toast, it will keep a larger room in your heart.

  2. damn, nicely said, hugs.

  3. Hey Jill,

    I stumbled across your blog and it's great. Good luck in Juneau, I'm hoping to get down there to ride sometime myself.

    I thought that as you're now reasonably close to Whitehorse, Yukon you might be interested in a couple of the local events:

    Also one that is not 'local' but takes place in Whitehorse:


  4. Drat -- I'll miss Homer, too. Or seeing it through your tales. It's bittersweet melancholy leaving a place.

  5. I just moved 1400 miles from paradise to hell, so I sympathize.

    Did you know your blog was featured at BlogHer the other day?

  6. Poignant -- reminds me of our parting words to The Greatland. Good luck in Juneau.


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