Sunday, October 08, 2006

Did Juneau

Date: Oct. 7
Total mileage: 22.5
October mileage: 145.5
Temperature upon departure: 45

I finally got around to hiking Mount Juneau today. It almost didn't happen. I woke up - late again, of course - to a blanket of thick fog smothering the valley.

"What's the point?" I asked Geoff. "We won't be able to see anything up there." I thought I wouldn't have time before work anyway. I told him I would just go for a quick bike ride instead. He talked me into it.

Before we hit the trailhead, we were already climbing out of the clouds and into the bald blaze of a rare clear day. And then we just hiked - up, not out. The mountainside was so steep that we could peek over the edge at a nearly direct vertical drop into town. If I owned a base-jumping parachute, I think I could have landed on top of the capitol building.

As we watched the cloud cover slowly thin and drift away from the channel, all I could think about was how amazing it was that I could be standing there, on a mountaintop,

less than two miles from my house, on a warm and sunny Sunday morning, two hours before I had be at work for my regular shift,

and I thought, this,

this is why I'm a happy person.


  1. unbelievable photos. wow.... can't imagine what it's like mtb'ing up there.

  2. Wow.

    I woulda been tempted to call in sick:-)

  3. Amazing usual! Even if you didn't write a word, I'd still enjoy coming to this blog for the pictures alone!

  4. I'm starting to see why you would move to Juneau.

  5. Looks similar to the vertigo view from atop Mt. Marathon, except, of course, from there one overlooks Seward.


  6. Jill, You are living my dream. I am jealous, but thanks for your blog so I can live in AK - virtually.

  7. It's great hiking through the clouds and breaking through them. The world takes on a whole new meaning...

    BTW what's the elevation of Mt Juneau?


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