Monday, July 30, 2007

Pugsley is here

Date: July 30
Mileage: 25.1
July mileage: 832.1
Temperature upon departure: 53
Inches of rain today: 0.30"

This frame actually arrived a few days ago. I originally thought I was going to mull it over a while before deciding whether I really wanted a Pugsley or a Wildfire or another beefy bike. But then I found a good deal on a 16" gray model, and I snatched it up quickly because I am not interested in riding anything that's the color of fermented grape Koolaid. However, since it showed up, I seem to be having delayed onset of joy.

There may be two reasons for that. First, a bit of knee relapse has me questioning the wisdom of training all winter long. Second, I started dismantling Snaux Bike to cannibalize some parts and unload others. Yesterday I wrapped up the SnowCat wheels in a box bound for Colorado. Now Snaux Bike is no longer a snow bike. He's just something useless ... broken ... and there's sadness in that. Bringing Pugsley into the house is a bit like having a new boyfriend move in while the old one is still gathering up the pieces of a shattered relationship in hopes of reconciliation. "I'll always love you, but, you know ..."

Still, it's better to move on than always wonder what could have been. I, for one, can't wait to figure out what kind of bottom bracket I should buy so I can slap Pugsley together and take him out for some joyriding on the rocky beaches of Douglas Island. And winter ... don't even get me started on how excited I am for winter.


  1. Nice Pugs :) When you get it together let me know what you think of the standover. I'm dying to get Marni on a Pugs and I hope a 16" will work.

    Do you really have BB questions or was that rhetorical? You need the 150mm bottom bracket like the downhillers and most are Isis. I *think* I have a spare ISIS crank I'll never use. If that's what you end up going with I'll send it to you for shipping cost.

    BTW that Saloman pack that I just posted a few days ago is being sold. It's not long enough in the torso for me. Any interest?

  2. I like the cloud descention in your photo today, kinda spooky in a good way.

    Speaking of needing things and free stuff, I have some barely worn nice clip bike shoes that are somewhere around a size 8 if you, Jill, or anyone else here is interested. (I can post a picture & better info if so - I got them for my mom but they didn't fit.)

  3. Jill, I don't have anything to sell, however I am excited for you and your new snow bike. I am a bit sad about Snaux two seemed so good together.

    And Chris, I have a 16" Pugsley frame and the stand over is barely low enough for me. I'm 5'7" with a 29" inseam.

    Ohh, I think I'm in the minority on this, but I like the Purple Pearl Sizzurple Pugsley color! I guess nobody else did, that's why they discontinued the color.

  4. Congrats on the Pugsley! I have absolutely no use for such a bike yet I am very envious and wish I had a compelling reason to build one up.

    Enjoy the new ride - I hope you two have many safe & fun miles together.

  5. i like the purple pugsley too.

  6. Non purple pugs cool!

    there is a phil bb if you want to go square taper but its a bit spendy... Dont know what you have on the other bike?

    I always have trubble braking up with a bike also have a hard time having more then one bike... I feel like i'm cheating on the other bike....

    I think my sheep well be glad not freezeing her but off though =)

    Let me know if you need anything thing for the build

  7. Chris, I was being serious about the BB. I've been reading conflicting info, and it's not like I know what I'm doing. Amazing how cryptic all that information can seem to an uninformed person such as myself. ISIS you say?

    Dorothea ... I wear an 8.5-9 size shoe. They may be too small for me. But if they are brand new, you should try to sell them on eBay. It works. Really.

    Chris ... What price is the pack being sold for? I may be interested. Although I already have a backlog of stuff that I actually need.

  8. Jill, If you go to the Surlyville website they have some good tech information. And the guys at Surly are very friendly and helpful. If you email them with a tech question they usually get back to you the same day or next day at the latest.

  9. Jill, they may fit you since they are actually a 7.5 mens (8.5 womens), but if you have a narrow foot they may be too wide...they are pearl izumis sort of like these

  10. Even without winter riding Pugs is good. Think monster trucking bicycling. It makes you feel like you want to run things over.

  11. :O "because I am not interested in riding anything that's the color of fermented grape Koolaid"

    I forgive you. To eash his own in colorville. hehehehehe, your going to love that bike. Think I will have to ride mine this evening just cuz it is always great. I love my purple bike.


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