Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm going to be on NPR!

At least ... that's the theory. Laura from National Public Radio's "alternative" morning show, the Bryant Park Project, called me today to set up a short interview for tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm going to talking about biking, specifically snow biking, specifically snow biking in the Alaska wilderness. I hope I can think of interesting things to say, and I hope not too much fun is made at the "crazy biker's" expense.

The plan is to go live with the interview at 7:30 a.m. New York time, which, last I checked, was the sleepy side of 3 a.m. here in Alaska. That's either really early or really late; no matter how you slice it, though, it's the middle of the night. I'm terribly nervous and don't think I'll be able to sleep anyway, so I'm going to opt for the "really late" designation. This could be a good time to kick in some midnight training - something I sorely need, but that's really hard to motivate for. What better excuse do I have to go for a bike ride in the middle of the night than this? It's like the cyclists' equivalent of downing a few shots before a live performance.

I don't know how many local NPR stations pick up the program, which I think competes directly with "Morning Edition," but here is where you can catch it:

Bryant Park Project podcast

Bryant Park Project Web site

KCPW 88.3 FM in Salt Lake City between 5 and 7 a.m.

Sirius Satellite Radio


  1. Checking the Bryant Park site--I never heard of the program before, but sounds like a fresh approach for NPR.

    There are nearly a dozen stories lined up for tomorrow, but only one deserves a photo in the recap (pre-cap?).

  2. Have fun on the midnight ride! They get me lots of strange responses from my friends and extended family but I love them :)

    I'll see if I can catch the radio show too!

  3. You need to get permission from NPR to record the broadcast and post it on your blog.

  4. Where did she state she was going to record and post, Anon? She simply listed links.

    Way to go, Jill! You rock and the interview will be great!

  5. Awesome:-)

    I added the podcast to my feed.

    Good luck with the 3 AM thing, that's awful darn early!

  6. That's cool, Jill! Just remember *I* interviewed you back in the day before you became a famous NPR celeb! :p

    NPR is cool. They let me podcast (replay) a story they did on mountain bike!

  7. Jill~

    Yet another item checked off on your to-do list ...

    Train for ride - check
    Eat better food - check
    Become famous - check

    Life is so easy isn't it? : )

    BTW, I sent an e-mail (with an attached file) to your hotmail account so have a look in your spam bucket if you don't see it in the main window.

    DaveLCX aka, Mr. I-survived-a-rollover-in-my-1971-VW-van-and-lived-to-tell-about-it

  8. Just heard your piece. I am very interested in learning about your process. I commute every day (never snows in southern California)and the temperature drops to just 30ish degrees on the worst day. You rock!

  9. Hey, Jill--

    You sounded great--and you're on the front page of! How cool.


    Your segment:

    Your blog item:

  10. You follow John McCain? Haven't you seen the polls? Nobody follows John McCain!

    What I meant to say was, congratulations, I am totally jealous. Maybe they will want to do a story about a guy who ate too much Chinese food, but went for a ride anyway.

  11. Congrats Jill - That's totally awesome!

  12. Great piece on the Bryant Park Project of NPR! Will keep track of your progress.

  13. You're famous! :) I just listned to the interview online - sounds like it went pretty well. Pretty cool that they're going to be following your progress through this journey. I suspect your blog hit count is about to go up...

    I can't wait for the Iditarod to start just so we can all follow how you do!

    Good luck and ride hard,

  14. Wow, that is so cool. Best of luck, ya "crazy biker".

  15. Hi Jill,
    I wish I could have caught it live but I have listened to the podcast. Nice job on the interview!
    I know your words well but now I know your voice too :)

  16. wow Jill, you are blowing up! good luck with the training and staying healthy.

    i haven't had the best of luck with my knee lately so take care of yours.


  17. Very nice interview! Who would have known that having a great blog and training like a crazy woman would lead to being famous? Congrats!

  18. hi jill!

    my friend sent me this link as i rode across the lower 48 states this summer. i have an amazing respect for your ice cold ride, but i can relate to how pumped you must be getting. just remember... you can do it. if anyone tells you otherwise, prove them wrong.

    best of luck on the trip!


  19. Great interview Jill! I really enjoyed listening to it. It was a little strange hearing your voice for the first time. I've been reading your blog for 2 years and I really hadn't even thought about what you'd sound like.


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