Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Covering ground

Date: March 25
Mileage: 42.5
March mileage: 441.6
Temperature: 32

A co-worker who doesn't know me very well stopped me today and said, "Hey, I saw you out on your bicycle by the ferry terminal the other day. Wow! You're really covering ground."

"Which day was that?" I asked, because it seemed the natural response.

"That day you were out by the ferry terminal," he answered.

"Could be a lot of days," I said.

"You mean you've been out there more than once?"

I just smiled because the ferry terminal is only 12 miles from downtown Juneau. There seems to be this perception among non-cyclists that their world is a very, very big place - too big to traverse without the aid of big machines and fossil fuels. It takes a slow-moving cyclists' perspective to realize that our world is in fact a small place, because all it takes is patience - just patience - and you can go almost anywhere.

Right now I'm suffering from a bit of "my world is too small and there's nowhere to go" fatigue. Despite the longish rides I've put in this past week, I feel hungry for a good, hard ride where I can really work myself over. But the trails are all covered in slop; the hikes are all buried in avalanche danger; and the roads have all been done, again and again and again.

Not that I have any right to complain. I recall this time last year, swimming 90 laps at the pool, running for two and a half hours on the elliptical trainer at the gym, just for a shot of that satisfyingly addictive "worked over" feeling. Things could definitely be worse.

This picture I think illustrates very well the way Geoff feels about cycling in Juneau. But he only has to suffer this place for one more month.


  1. I've been waiting for this matter where you are in Alaska this time of year, it starts to close in on you. Spring Fever that only Alaskans can understand.

  2. I can't wait to "suffer this place". Down here in southern CA I have to suffer the brown-smoggy skies, traffic and I hate to say this is the only time of year when the hills are not brown. So let's just say I am on my four week countdown to "suffer in JUneau" :)

  3. Donut Guy - Geoff is going south for the summer and mostly live in a tent. He's doing a bunch of races including the GDR. Check out his blog.

  4. i applaud you and geoff for having the passion you do for getting out and training day after day in tough conditions.

  5. The GDR comes right through my neck of the woods.

    It passes within a mile of my Dad's cabin in Colorado and within just a few miles of my house in New Mexico.

    What a great ride.

  6. Jill probably seen the cool trailer on

    if not enjoy.

  7. The small world thing to the non cyclists is spot on. I hear that crap all the time. You mean you actually rode your bike to work. Give me a break, its only 9 miles. To them it might as well be the end of the world

  8. Not everyone is blessed with strength and good health. Be gentle to those who don't have your skill set.

  9. I've never seen bottle cages on the front fork before.

  10. Health is a blessing; the skill is called patience.

  11. i love this post - i've been reading your blog for about a month now, and i love all your posts, really, but this one is my favorite. this is exactly why i love biking too. :)


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