Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Date: Nov. 24 and 25
Mileage: 28.4 and 22.1
November mileage: 713.4

The bike training has been going well lately. Really, too well. I've been implementing planned levels of exertion and trying to push myself, but I usually emerge feeling like I'm lacking something. I need to dig deeper. I need rides in which I go to bed feeling absolutely exhausted and wake up pumped for the new day. I need the pain and triumph of a good, long ride. I need the time for a good, long ride.

Right now I have a little time to kill while I wait to pick up my friends at the airport (another delayed flight. Sigh.)We have a pretty low-key Thanksgiving planned, and I'm excited about that. I am sad that I'm missing out on the Homer family extravaganza for which my mother baked nine pies and my sister committed to wearing a special shirt. The day after Thanksgiving, my sister and cousins celebrate Black Friday by standing in line outside a Fred Meyer or Target at some horrific hour of the pre-morning. Then they rush into the store with a stampede of people, trying not to get trampled as they elbow their way into aisles full of what assume are still half-price socks and some sort of $10 DVD players. I've never quite understood the draw, and never participated in the consumer madness, but the images still drum up nostalgia, and I wish I was there just the same.

But if you are like me, and will be spending your Black Friday in the quiet company of friends and hopefully going for a nice long bike ride, you can still get your Christmas shopping done away from the crowds by purchasing the new version of my book! That's right, I fixed some (hopefully most) of the typos, tweaked the fonts, and scoured paypal for a way to sell books directly through my blog. That way, if you would like a signed and personalized copy, you can click on the gold "Buy" button and purchase direct without having to contact me first. (The e-mails stacked up quite a bit, and certainly revealed holes in my organizational skills. If you e-mailed me and I never got back to you, I apologize.) By clicking on this button, you can indicate in a message how you would like your books personalized, and paypal will calculate shipping and total price. You can pay either with your paypal account, or with a credit card. Keep in mind that buying books through this blog means they still have to go through a "middle man" (me) so turnover time will be about 10-14 days. I'm working on generating a specific Web site to better describe the book, including excerpts and reviews, which will hopefully give potential buyers a better idea of what they're getting.

I want to thank everyone who purchased my book so far. Thanks to you, I will definitely be getting that mountaineering coat I've had my eye on. I've also gotten some good and helpful feedback and am continuing to learn a lot.

If you'd like to purchase signed copies of the book, here's the button. I'm going to move it to my sidebar soon. But now, to the airport.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I plan on having a traditional Thanksgiving....dropping turkeys out of a helicopter with Sarah Palin.

  2. I've been a daily bike commuter (7 miles each way) since March 1. Today, I got rained on for the first time.

    Just to highlight the difference between your environment and mine. :-)

    In Phoenix.


  3. I plan to go over to my in-laws and watch them argue among themselves....

    Since I was an only child, I missed out on all that stuff growing up:-)

    Oh, I finished your book.

    Good stuff!

  4. Hate to bug, but if we ordered right after you announced the new book and paid on-line, they will be in the mail, yes? I don't think you are asking us to place a second order, right? I did order two back then. Thanks!

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  6. Thanks Julie!

    Yeah, if you ordered the book, it should hopefully get there soon. If you picked media mail as the shipping option, it takes a while to get to Alaska (my first order took two weeks.)

    This is just for new orders.

  7. Hey Jill -- your KM went rigid ... you dropped the reba shock?

  8. Shawn,

    I switched out the shock before a road bike tour in the Yukon in September. I also wanted rigid for the icy and salty conditions of winter (to preserve the Reba, which will go back on in the spring.)

    It's funny, because the weather lately has allowed me to continue doing a lot of trail riding. It doesn't feel too strange. I actually miss front suspension less than I miss the rear suspension of my Sugar. If I had to pick one or the other, I would probably choose to have rear suspension. (But love the KM frame, so will continue to adapt to the saddle sores.)


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