Wednesday, December 10, 2008



That's how much we've raised for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. In a week. If someone told me last Wednesday, the day that I signed up for Team Fatty, that my personal page would bring in nearly $3,000 in one week, I would have just laughed. But I guess that's the power of Fighting For Susan. I shouldn't be surprised. But I do feel inspired.

I look at the list of contributors and I see a few names that I recognize, so I know I did coax in a few of my friends and family. But many of you are strangers - friends of Fatty, generous cyclists, people who have been touched by cancer and want to strike back. I had always been the type who took a cynical view of fundraisers. "What could I really even do?" was my overwhelming sentiment. But I understand now that every little bit helps. I understand now that every little bit adds up very quickly. $3,000 is a lot of money. And if $3,000 can help even one person - offer them comfort, or ease their pain - then it's a fortune beyond any dollar amount.

My records show 105 people donated since Dec. 4. We're the top fundraisers in Seattle, right up there with my good friend Chris Wightman, who has raised $950 so far on his own without any help from a plug on or a giveaway of a sweet camera. It's going to be a fun reunion in Seattle. I can't wait to meet some of you and help drag Chris to the finish of his first century. :-)

As to the raffle, Elden is coordinating that so I expect to see the winners of the camera and books posted on his Web site Thursday or Friday. I am holding my own raffle on Friday for another book, and will continue to hold a weekly raffle for the contributors that week, so don't stop donating! I wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone who pitched in so far. I have a big training weekend planned, and a lot to think about regarding my non-bike life, but I know I'll be able to ride easier knowing there's still so much good in the world.

Thanks again.


  1. You are a good and humble person. I suspect that is one of the reasons so many people were eager to donate in your name.

  2. Nice work Jill! Thanks for doing all of this work to raise money for Cancer! It can be difficult to ask people for money, but it is well worth the effort and as you are finding out people are generally happy to help!

  3. I cycle a similar amount to you each month in Yorkshire England. I am thing of setting up a blog called Up In Yorkshire. Any Objections? I am prepared to donate to Lances attempt to Piss the French off.

  4. By the way Up In Yorkshire thinks Jill Horner Is a honey

  5. Up in Yorkshire meant to say I am Thinking not I am thing. Sorry

  6. I just don't know how you find such joy in that weather. You are several grades tougher than me.


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