Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pictures from the drive home

No time to bike or blog these past couple of days. It's not even Hell week at work yet. That's next week. Some day I hope to look back on this span of months as "perspective." Right now I'm just hoping that three years of endurance training gets me through.

At least I had a good dinner break ...

Snow line

Egan Drive

Sandy Beach

There's always tomorrow.


  1. Jill,

    I've been reading your blog for some time. I find it an interesting twist of life that for all this time I (and all of us reading) have been following your adventures, your trek through the Alaskan life and have looked to you for a unique perspective and inspiration. Now it's time to offer you some words of inspiration - I'm an accountant who every year has this mandatory "busy season" in which we are required at least 55 hours from feb 1 - apr 15 and now ( because of less workers and increased business- i've started a job search of by the way... going well right now)apr 30 - June 15. I manage to ride the 17 miles to and from the office each day and then get out on the weekends for 5-10 hours. I'm kind of lucky though here in Denver because the weather is so nice and we have so many bike paths. But, it just takes time to work things out and get used to new time demands. I'm sure that everything will work out for you know, one pedal, one step at a time.
    Good luck,
    Ben b_welnakatyahoodotcom

  2. Thanks Kristina and BW ...

    The reason I don't bike commute is because of that one-hour dinner break. I work nights and Geoff works days, so that's quite often the only hour of the day we actually get to see each other. If I rode my bike to work, I wouldn't be able to come home for dinner. Geoff already bike commutes and we only have one car, so that's the compromise. Plus, my new job occasionally requires me to rush to scenes of breaking news (this doesn't happen often), but not having a car at the office could become a problem.

    My problem with my new job is not necessarily the time spent at the office but just how mentally draining it's become. I can still ride most mornings, but I wake up feeling wiped and I don't get all that excited about my rides when I do go out. I get called in on weekends. Plus, I don't write anymore. Occasionally on my blog (even that, not like I used to), but all of these other ideas that I had have been pushed aside. This has been the hardest hobby to give up. Like you said, it just takes time to adjust. But I'm in a strange situation where I'm working this job for three months, taking a forlough and than coming back to it later in the summer. So right now I just keep telling myself that April is the end, even if it's not exactly true. :-)

  3. That last picture is just beautiful.


  4. I love the snow line picture. It's very soft and pleasant. :-)

    For me, I think it is the time of year that is draining on me. I am not excited about anything. I've even become quite lazy. Ugh. Can't wait for the warm summer air.

    Hope all is well.



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