Friday, May 01, 2009

Yreka to San Fransisco

We spent Wednesday night in a random town along I-5 called Yreka. No, I can't pronounce it. I did some quick Google Maps research in the budget hotel room and decided to try a ride called "Gunsight Peak." Doubletrack and lots of climbing. And despite the hazy day, good views of Mount Shasta.

It was pretty hot out. And when I say hot, I mean it was 60. I'm going to have a tough time getting used to summer.

I topped out at about 6,300 feet. I'm embarrassed to say that as I sat on the gravel pumping up a flat tire, I could feel it. I'm going to have a tough time getting used to elevation.

We continued south to San Fransisco, where we're staying with friends in the city.

I got out for some gravel trail riding today in the Marin Headlands. 3,800 feet of climbing in 24 miles! And this is one of the more mellow portions of the region.

As you can see, the weather was quite lovely. Low 50s, steady rain and high winds. I've been feeling pretty homesick lately, and riding in these wet coastal areas has helped lesson the sting - both by helping me feel closer to home, and helping me miss home that much less.

Geoff is running the Miwok 100K early tomorrow morning. The only reason he even dragged me on this road trip is to do car-based race support, and our friends are meeting us here in the afternoon. But I hope to get out for more Marin riding if I can.


  1. Welcome to the Bay area! Your in my neck of the woods now. Enjoy the biking while you are here - it is superb. Ales and Trails will be at China Camp not too far from the headlands where you rode today. Stop by on Saturday and enjoy hanging with the bay area mountain bike community. ride, eat, drink, listen to music! It's a fundraiser for IMBA as well.

    Oh, I guess I should say I have really enjoyed your blog the past year or so. Thanks for the great pictures and writing.



  2. It's pronounced why-reakah. You've gone so far! That part of the world makes me sad. Like- this used to be pretty, then they mowed it all down and filled the air with particulates! I love reading about you trip so far. It's like the mythical character that is you in Alaska goes out into the larger world and interacts with it, and we get to see it through your Alaska snow-biking lense. Hurrah!

  3. Jill, you'll adjust to the heat and elevation soon - I know it. Glad to see you've been able to get a few pretty rides in. Have fun this morning with Geoff's run. We'll be watching that and your summer adventures.

  4. That's really a lovely shot of the bridge - I like the parallel lines - a unique view of an often-photographed icon. Well done! You have a good eye.

    P.S. 60 is cold.

  5. Good luck to Geoff. Hope he wins!

  6. Hey's been almost 10 days of hot and sunny (in the 60's) in Juneau since you two left town! Up to 70 today! You'd have been sweating it out riding up here this past week. Funny.
    Give our best to Geoff...too bad for him. I hope he feels better soon.
    Deb, Bry, Sid

  7. Nice travel blog so far. Nice pics. Good Luck in the race.


  8. Welcome to San Francisco! We love it here. Hope the rain didn't ruin Geoff's run.

  9. Watching your drive thus far has reminded me just how much i miss the pacific northwest! ugh! I hope i get to fly back there soon later this year!

    Keep updating, love it!

  10. So Jill you are the one who brought the rain in May to the Bay Area ;-)

    Nice to have you here!

  11. I spent a week in Why-Reek-Ah about 10 or 15 years ago. They were very proud of the one traffic light in town.


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