Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Mount Juneau

Another sunny day, another peak in the bag. My friend, Klas, and I headed up Mount Juneau because I had a meeting to attend in the early afternoon and Mount Juneau is "short." It's still six miles and 3,500 feet of climbing. My legs are kinda tired right now.

The high point on the right side of the photo is Cairn Peak, where I stood on Monday morning.

Klas hauled about 15 pounds of camera equipment to the top, and no food or water. You have to respect a guy who knows his priorities.

We saw more mountain goats! Actually, three different groups. This group was lounging on the ledge of Juneau's north face. Then, one by one, they all got up and scampered down the scree, spacing their retreat so as to not rain rocks down on each other. Smart animals.

Klas had 15 pounds of camera equipment with him, so he got much, much better photos than I could. This is one of Klas's photos.

On the hike down, Klas felt thirsty so he drank out of waterfalls. He assured me he has been doing this since he was a little kid in Petersburg. You gotta respect those real Alaskans.

Now I'm left with the dilemma of where to go tomorrow morning. I love a good binge!