Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Three pictures

Dave is moving north
Busy purging all but the
Barest essentials

Riding Deer Creek Sneak
As rich evening light gives chase
So early these days

Commuting to work
Droplets of mist cling to jeans
Wish for more miles


  1. Hienot ja tunnelmallist kuvat.
    Hyvää jatkoa.
    Markku Mäkelä

  2. Okay, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a lugged steel frame with a FREE sign on it hopelessly thousands of miles away from where I sit.

    Thanks a lot. Jack

  3. One more syllable
    on that last one required for
    a proper haiku.

  4. Haiku are easy
    But sometimes they don't make sense

    -William Shatner

  5. It's a Takara with a subtley bent fork, and still in my front yard!

    The 5-7-5 rule is a hopelessly crude attempt to translate japanese grammar and syntax to english. I think everyone but high school lit classes gave up on it.

  6. But they make for such a fun writing exercise :)

    Plus, I think the word "miles" has two syllables in it. That's my opinion and this is my blog.

  7. I would have picked up that frame, too! I'd love to build it into a commuter. Oh well...I supposed I should rehab my mom's old bike which is hanging in my garage right now before I get another frame.

    Fun poetry!


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