Forget running ...

Look what showed up in the mail today!

Ok, Ok, so it doesn't actually belong to me, but still.



  1. So exciting!!!!! I am still waiting to lay my eyes on a Mukluk, but Cadence (the other LBS in town) has been told that they are en route so maybe next week?! Anyhow - hope Beat enjoys this!

  2. Wow - very cool. I know someone with the same bike and they're digging it. Have fun.

  3. Call me crazy, but this is what I'm selling everything else to build. Goodbye to my very custom Trucker, Pugsley, and even my tricked-out Big Dummy. The goal? A titanium Fatback with two wheelsets: one Fat set, and another 29er set that can work for both road and trail. Again, crazy, but...simple. I hope...

  4. NICE! That is awesome!

  5. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Went back outside to check my door for a message from UPS...nothing !
    Oh lord won't you send me a Fatback Ti-cycle, my friends all ride Pugleys, I must make amend.
    NICE !

  6. riley8:08 PM

    dude you better clean the mud off those tires before Béat shows up!

  7. The FatBack Rules, I have one, great snow bike, made in USA, Alaska to be exact.

  8. Good Lord! That makes my heart jump.

  9. Anonymous9:58 PM

    In the mail?? How did the letter carrier fit that in your mailbox?

  10. oh you lucky girl!! that's a titanium frame!!!!

  11. Sweet! But you are not giving up running are you? :) I wondered about the "mail" part - unless you assembled them yourself! :()


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