Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ITI training, week two

Monday: Road bike, 1:32, 17.4 miles, 2,424 feet climbing — I'm starting to feel a little stronger on my bike. But I'm still terrified about the deca-Montebello coming up on Nov. 7. Sadly, Beat was diagnosed with pneumonia this week. He hasn't been able to log any hard training in more than two weeks, so 100 Miles of Nowhere is definitely out for him. He's starting to feel better, but damn, it's been a rough year for our respiratory systems.

Tuesday: Trail run, 0:54, 5.6 miles, 701 feet climbing — In an effort to inject a whisper of "speed work" into my routine, I'm going to make an effort to improve on my regular Tuesday run, a hilly half-pavement, half-trail loop. This pace is about 9:34-minute-mile average. I'm going to work on getting that under 9-minute-miles. Also, I'm hoping to break the top three times for a half-mile downhill segment called "Hill Trail Descent" on Strava. Currently I'm 6th out of 181 women. Isn't Strava fun? I think Strava's fun.

Wednesday: Fat bike, 3:29, 31.3 miles, 4,481 feet climbing — I took Snoots, our expedition Moots fat bike, out for the first time since last winter. Ah, I missed Snoots. She's so sluggish on pavement, and yet so airy on trails. I feel it's an indignity to take her on anything but snow, however, I need to get reacquainted with the nuances of fat bikes. A slog up Highway 9 was rewarded with fun rollers on Skyline Ridge and the always-gleeful John Nichols Trail descent just as the sun was setting.

Thursday: Weight lifting at gym. As this was my first time at the gym, I treated this as a practice session. I tried out all the machines at different weights until I reached my limit, then did a handful of reps two notches below that weight. After reading several texts on the subject, I've decided circuit training with machines will best fit my needs for now. In hoping to continue with 12 exercises, 12 reps times two, two times per week. But for just playing around, I was *really* sore the next day. Beat could make me wince just poking my shoulders. This is disconcerting, I have to admit.

Friday: Trail run, 1:28, 8.3 miles, 1,169 feet climbing. My upper body felt too sore for bike riding. Hmph. Running, I felt pretty good, albeit a little on the slugglish side.

Saturday: Mountain bike, 4:08, 37.2 miles, 5,376 feet climbing. Liehann set out for his weekly hill climb ride. He aims for four-hour rides, which is a good block of riding for me right now. We rode up Grizzly Flat and along Long Ridge, including my nemesis, the Sunny Jim Trail. I can't always climb Sunny Jim without dabbing, but I made it on Saturday. I also managed a Grizzly Flat climb PR, which tells me I'm probably stronger right now than I think.

Sunday: Trail run and hike, 5:30, 23.4 miles, 3,922 feet climbing. A out-and-back variation of the Cal Loop on the Western States Trail outside Auburn. I ran the first 14 miles at a fairly fast pace with Bruce and then hiked the last 10 with Bruce and Ann. As a workout, I think run/hike is a good format for my winter training, as I get a wide range of intensity plus longer time on my feet without the beatdown of a long run. In many ways, it's most difficult to stay in shape for long bouts of walking, yet this may prove to be a decent percentage of the "ride" to Nome, depending on conditions. Everything depends on conditions, which is what makes training for this event such a puzzle. I need to hedge my bets with a little of everything.

Total: 17:03, 85.9 miles ride, 37.3 miles run, 18,072 feet climbing.


  1. I agree with you about staying in shape for long bouts of walking. Can't really do that in winter here, yet I feel in adequate shape. Then it comes to the actual long hike and after 15 miles or so ...I realize that my feet don't think so.
    Strava. A whole world I know nothing about.

  2. that's the problem with racing and training, its hard on the body after a while... I know lots of people that come down sick with something... only so much the body can take.
    I've known top athletes that have lost their racing career due to illness... then what?
    its a tough life, racing.
    Did it for 4-5 years. I just enjoy cycling now, recreationally. Easier. No stress

  3. I LOVE Strava! That I can upload my ride and immediately see how I did compared to MYSELF...that is just awesome! If I'm constantly setting my top twos/threes and PR's, then I know I'm at the top of my fitness and still improving. If I'm not, then I have work to do. And that it's FREE? Can't beat that deal!

    Sorry to hear about Beat...never had pneumonia before...that must not be much fun. Having clear lungs is pretty important. Get well soon Beat...and Jill...glad to hear your training is going well...so good to hear you are past your own respiratory issues.

  4. You're doing 100 Miles of Nowhere? Awesome! We had our annual 100MilesToNowhere (Dobson Ranch Edition) last weekend. (https://www.facebook.com/100MilesToNowhere/?fref=ts)

    Enjoy it!

  5. Sounds like your training is going great. Bummer about Beat. Tell him to rest up and get better. I love Strava, too!

  6. I think you're doing great. The cross training is great including the gym workouts. Just an idea ... Walk Snoot as well as riding it. The ITI is going to require pushing/walking with it loaded down. Gym weights will be good but the actual pushing it loaded down might be helpful. Google antiviral preventions . . . maybe honey daily. Praying your breathing continues to be awesome and clear! Nice to hear your thought processes or the ability to focus is good. Breathing issues can cause everything to stop working correctly including your brain. Stay healthy! Keep moving forward! You are not Just Jill! You got this! Me . . . you've inspired me to get out even though the weather here in Iowa is crappy cold & wet.


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