Tuesday, November 08, 2005

10,000-year increments

The best thing about a late sunrise is being awake to see it. Of course, it's coming late enough now that I'm often at work before any hint of dawn graces the horizon. I find myself going in to the office earlier and earlier, in hopes of catching the last rays of daylight before the sunset. No matter how sunny it is, though, it's hard to coax myself outside when the temperatures hover around 10 degrees. And I think, "someday, someday I'll be a real Alaskan and I will persevere no matter what." I said this phrase to myself when I ran outside at 6:30 a.m. today to start my car. I like to tell myself that when the winter gets to the point where my 1996 Geo Prism (2WD and 140,000 miles) is stopped dead by deep snow or cold, I'll just hop on my mountain bike and ride the five steep downhill miles to work. But today, as I pried the wipers from Geo's windshield and then tried to curl my nearly frozen fingers around the steering wheel, I wondered if I actually have it in me. Still five more weeks until solstice - I guess I'm going to find out, either way.


  1. Nice to see another Alaska journalist is blogging. Keep us up-to-date on Homer!

  2. Sometimes five miles can seem like an awfully long way. I'm guessing that the trip won't be on dry pavement either. Studded tires are more fun downhill than the return trip. Cool pictures.

  3. My bones are cold just reading this.

  4. And I thought the winters were bad where I live! :D

    Reading this makes me realize I could have it much much tougher.


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