Thursday, November 03, 2005

Alaska, again

So this is my new online journal about moving to Homer, Alaska — a place where it snows in October, where moose traipse through my backyard, and where everyone can spell my last name but if you can’t spell “Xtratuf,” well, so help you God.

This is kind of the obligatory first entry where I have to explain to people who I’ve really lost touch with that I live in Alaska. I lived for a while in Idaho Falls, Idaho – home of potatoes and the self-proclaimed “northern” Mormons, and life was good. But after a brutal hot summer and several months of distant coercion by Geoff, I somehow was talked into moving to Alaska, home of grizzly bears and the self-proclaimed “northern” Libertarians. And – life’s still good. I guess it’s possible to be happy anywhere – just as long as those studded mountain bike tires and stack of DVDs arrive soon.

So, now a little about what we’ve been doing for the past couple of months. We arrived in town Sept. 11, and by the next day found a cabin loft on the ridge above town. We have two acres, an early-season snow base and our closest neighbor is a horse. We’ve spent the past few weeks filling the place with secondhand stuff and furniture Geoff builds with lumber he scavenges at the dump. He found a job working construction with some quintessential Alaskans – the Xtratuf-wearing kind. I work at a small-town rag called the Homer Tribune, where I’m the arts and entertainment reporter, production editor, and somehow the Webmaster (which is really funny, because I have such an incurable case of ADD when it comes to technology.)

On weekends we do Alaska stuff like go sea kayaking in the freezing rain and backpacking to a cabin in the snow so we can chop wood, catch grayling and to return to discover that a bear has walked all over he top of Geoff’s car. The usual things, you know. So, anyway, I plan to post to this blog regularly in lieu of the mass e-mails I’ve developed the bad habit of sending. I'm also going to continue posting pictures. So keep in touch and post comments. I’d love to hear from people.


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  2. The picture of snow-covered is breathtaking! Alaska is, like, awesome. You guys are awesome too.

    Maybe I can get a job as Craig's secretary and come up for the summer. If only I was so lucky . . .

  3. Welcome! :)
    I'm a reporter at the Daily News in Anchorage. Found your blog on the Alaska Blog roll. Welcome to the show :) Hope you love Homer. I sure do. Tell your editors now that you want to come up for "j-week" in April - the big journalism conference. I'm in charge of it so it's FUN! :) and the only chance most journalists in the state get to talk shop with people outside their towns.

    Again, welcome to AK!

  4. you just wait until fishing season. Homer becomes a nuthouse. you'll love it.

    if you live until then. muahahahahahah! the harsh Alaskan winters will get you!

    (not really)

  5. Haha, Mikey is funny.
    And he speaks the TRUTH! Just kidding :) Homer is awesome during fishing season. I've had many a friend defect there. And one of the best trips I've taken since living here was to one of the halibut cove-area public use cabins. SO peaceful and beautiful. I'm jealous! :)

  6. absolutly incredible!!! looks like you guys really are living the dream - keep up the good work and keep it goin' till i make it up to visit! which should be in MAY!!! who is up for Denali?

  7. Anna -- OMG, I am up for Denali!!!! Did you even need to ask?

  8. I can't believe I'm just finding this blog now -- courtesy of your 2008 Bloggie nomination, congrats. :-) I LOVE Homer, I was born and raised in Kenai (just up the road) and I love mountain biking too. My mission today is to read all of your archives. I can't wait to see what I find!

  9. i came across your blog while searching 'alaska blog's on google. i own a copy of the 'planet earth' dvd...and i can only imagine what it must be like to live in a place featured in numerous shows on the discovery channel. i envy you : )
    your blog is an interesting read. i live in sedona, az...which has it's own beauty...and i ride a bike as a mode of transportation.
    i was really surprised to read that you actually ride your bike late at night in alaska.
    i am going to read your entire blog : )


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