Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Gearing up

I didn't ride my bike today. I worked a 12-hour shift in the cement box. Then I spent an hour at the gym running on the elliptical trainer. It said I burned 818 calories, but I don't know what that means. You can't measure that in elevation or miles. If you measured it in Pepsi, that would mean I get to drink six cans of Pepsi. Not that I actually believe those calorie logs anyway.
This picture is a couple weeks old, from a walk I took on the Spit. You're probably getting sick of my sunrise/sunset pictures. Keep in mind, when the daytime logs in at less than six hours, you don't see much else.

I ordered a load of warm gear online today. When that package comes, it will be better than Christmas - as long as the package comes before my credit card statement. People who knew me back in the day (five years ago) would probably be amazed at all the stuff I own now. My good friend, Monika, still remembers (and regularly reminds me of) the time we hiked Upper Black Box (a 14-mile-long slot canyon in San Rafael Swell, Utah, with hiking that consists of long intervals of swimming, walking in ankle to chest-deep water, and Class 4+ to low-5s scrambling.) I wore boot-cut jeans, a Gap T-shirt, and the same pair of Sketchers I regularly wore to work, complete with three-inch-high soles (remember when those were popular?) She'll never let me live it down.

But, back then, I didn't own a stitch of clothing that wasen't made of cotton. I had a designated snowboarding outfit and a pair of hiking boots. I reused the same Evian 1-liter bottles to carry my water. I layered white gym socks if my feet were cold. I hiked the craggy, 11,000-foot peaks of the Wasatch with the same backpack I carried my high school books in. And I was happy then, content. What happened?

Well, I started biking. Then I moved to Alaska. Now I'm on back order for a pair of lightweight trail-running boots rated to -20 degrees. What is the world coming to?


  1. Hi Jill

    Saw your post on Matt's blog about lights. You whould consider using one of the hub generators --Schmidt/Shimano. Check out Peter White's site -- http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/index.html

    They are a higher investment initially as a new wheel needs to be built but they throw out a lot of light, are not affected by cold and no batteries to worry about.



  2. Wow, do I ever feel dumb wimping out about biking to work in Toronto when it's -5C. I'm going to use you as inspiration, Jill, if that's okay. :)

  3. What was the problem with the lights? I've had problems with a halogen light going through batteries quickly in the cold, but no problems with LED lights. Maybe it just hasn't gotten cold enough here yet.

    No complaints about the sunrise and sunset photos here! Keep them coming!

  4. i guess there's that whole 'middle path' crap you could meditate upon ...

    but, i'd just open up a bottle of wine when the shit arrives and get 'toasty' with it.

  5. You won't find me ever getting tired of your sunrise/sunset photos...but then I have my own obsession with sunrise!

  6. When The Mrs. saw it had gotten up to -10 and said it was "warm", well, I knew that we were Alaskans.

  7. JILL!!! You need to talk to me about gear before ordering it!!! First, I need to make sure you are not getting more jeans. Second, I've got deals! Remeber???


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