Friday, December 02, 2005


I spent an hour grinding away on my bike trainer today, staring at a fuzzy television program I couldn't hear anyway and thinking about how I'd really like to attempt the Susitna 100. Geoff is still talking about doing the Little Su 50K ... he thinks he may even run it ... but I don't know. If we're going to all that effort, why not go all the way? I know, I know. I've already had the "crazy" talk with Geoff. And I know I'll need to acquire some more gear and a little good 'ol Alaskan toughness and all of that. But still, I kinda want to do it. Why, you ask? Well, why cross the country on a bicycle? To see if I can.

I still have that other aforementioned problem of paying the entry fee. I came up with an idea while riding the trainer that may seem more crazy than wanting to do this race in the first place. In charity rides, people usually put some sort of monetary value on their miles and collect pledges. So here's what I resolve to do ... I set up a little paypal donation box in the sidebar of this blog. For every dollar, I'll ride one icy mile on my mountain bike before Dec. 31 (the payment due date). Even if I have to ride in the middle of the night in a blizzard to meet my goal, I figure that will do more to help me get ready for this race than anything. I'll keep a log of the rides and their sponsors on this blog, and offer regular updates of my progress. And, if I come woefully short of the entrance fee or if another unforeseen circumstance keeps me out of the race, I'll donate any funds raised to a worthy charity such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Is that too crazy of an idea? (Keep in mind I just thought of it a couple of hours ago while I was sweating buckets on my living room rug.) I don't know. I mean, I'm not a nonprofit and I can't offer tax deduction receipts, but I thought it might be worth a dollar or two to some out there just to read about the horrors of headwinds at -5 degrees. So I'm posting this idea it for now, and saying thanks again to all of the great bike bloggers out there.


  1. Beautiful pictures JillyBean.

    I'm not a biker (I am part owner of a paddle boat) but I'll sponsor you.

    You can do it with studs!

  2. Trainer workout - wednesdays

    10 min warmup
    get off and stretch at least once during your warmup.

    1 minute - mild effort
    30 sec rest (easy spin)
    2 minute - little more effort

    -- warm up complete (bathroom if needed)

    Intervals (8 minutes x 3-6 repeats):

    4 min @ steady effort (like running a 5K, or an effort level you could sustain over 15- 20 minutes).

    without stopping

    2 min @ perceptibly harder than previous 4 minute pace. Like you were running a mile race. By the end of the 2 minutes, your breathing should be damn close to ragged, struggling for control, but still in control.

    without stopping

    2 min @ return to 4 minute effort level (5K pace). 5 or 6 mild pedal strokes are sometimes necessary as a breather. Don't worry if you step off the gas for a few seconds ... just get back on it as you can and finish out the 2 minutes. This is the most important part of the 8 minute interval ~ the final 2 minutes build your ability to suffer.

    Rest = 2 - 4 minutes. No resistance to spin.

    As in all workouts, effort level progresses with each repeat. Learn from the first, experiment with the second, dig a bit for the fourth, then sacrifice something and do 5.

    You'll be done for the night. Be sure to ride easy for a few minutes, stretch afterwards, and drink.

    discipline = fun

  3. Hi Jill! Thanks for the comment! I never even thought of my feet! I should've found some pink slippers too. Damn. :) I'll try and visit your page more. Oh, CareBear photos are up on my page now.

  4. What kind of camera do you have? Those pictures are awesome. I love taking pictures on rides. You should come to Iowa, it's a whole different scene.

  5. Not sure how much the fee is, but maybe from the donated moaney you could pay the fee and donate money to a charity. I think people (paul and I) will be more likely to sponsor you if part of it went to a good cause. Just a thought.


  6. Hey Monika!

    I just learned I can respond to my own comments in this format. Anyway, in case anyone is curious about the actual fee, it's $225. I know, I know ... but I'm pretty sure it pays for all of the volunteers it takes to keep all of the racers alive with all of their digits intact through as many as 2 days of constant below-0 exposure. Anyhow, as I stated in this post, anything extra I raise, or all of it if I don't raise nearly enough, will be donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. As of Dec. 8, I'm about a third of the way there. In case there's any confusion, I never intended this to be a charity drive. I'm like the little girl on your porch, hawking a case of overpriced candy to pay for her educational trip to Washington, D.C. I don't have empty calories to offer, but I do hope this blog will become more entertaining for my efforts ... in that way, everybody wins. That's all.


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