Tuesday, March 21, 2006

First day of sick

I am officially annoyed. It's bad enough to get sick at the beginning of the week, when I can't take any time off from work, so I have to spend the day listening to others complain about my infectious nature while a vice grip slowly tightens around my chest and head. But yesterday, while rummaging around my medicine cabinet, I discovered the leftover antibiotics from last year's bout with bronchitis - dated March 23, 2005. Kinda eerie to think that my germs keep a schedule almost as reliable as Christmas.

And it's annoying because every year I manage to skirt through cold and flu season without so much as a sniffle, only to pick up some utterly derailing - and often undiagnosable - bout of gunk at the end of March. This seems to happen to a lot of people, who mostly blame the change of seasons as a culprit for the massive failure of otherwise iron-clad immune systems. I used to accept this theory as fact, but now I have my suspicions. Last year, I lived in Idaho, where late March means night temperatures still drop below freezing. Now I live in Alaska, where late March means I still have five feet of snow piled up in my front yard. It's hard to believe that any part of my physiology could be fooled into thinking the seasons are changing, let alone be affected enough by it to give up the good fight.

I may never know the cause of my illness. But I do know that I feel crappy, and that's just annoying.

The only bright spot today may be that - regardless of any actual semblence of spring I may be experiencing - the Vernal Equinox has passed. Which means (to my friends in the lower 48), that we have surpassed 12 hours of direct sun and are now gaining daylight at a much faster clip than you. You are now officially on the darker side of the planet. So ... cough cough ... there.


  1. Jill!

    While I'm never one to wag the finger (well, actually, I am) - shame on you for not finishing your antibiotics last March.

    You've gotta take 'em all - even if you're feeling better. Tsk tsk tsk, wag wag wag.


  2. well... where I live it's never cold! ;)

  3. Sorry to hear you're sick! Yeah, the bugs look at their itinerary on me as well!

  4. In the march sick boat as well. Seems to always happen about this time of year for me as well. But I don't get sick to offen so I guess I can't complain to much. Feel Better

  5. ...yeah...just when I was feeling the smallest bit optimistic about spring maybe being around the corner, I find out I'm on the dark side...


  6. Feeling crappy is very annoying. It slapped me upside the head last week on vacation :-( I found out I can still ride if I constantly eat a LOT of excedrin. Good thing strong livers run in my family. I'm not recommending you try this with 5 feet of snow on the ground though. I'd just curl up in a huge down comforter and whine a lot with that much snow. Little cute patches are ok and make nice photos but don't let the stuff make my bike dirty - how do you even keep your bike running in all that gunk.


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