Friday, March 03, 2006

This guy wants in

It was snowy today, a little wind, low 20s. I had planned to attempt a trail ride in honor of Peter and Rocky, who won the Iditarod Trail Invitational at 7 this morning. But when I got home from work, a little later in the evening than I had hoped, looked at the newspaper and saw "Sweet Home Alabama" slated to air on one of the channels my TV picks up, well ... I spent the better part of the evening on the trainer. I have been sufficiently lulled by post-training complacency. But, for what it's worth, it was a good trainer ride. A commercial-laden chick flick can really stack on the minutes.

I didn't think the long winter would get to me, but something about the recent explosion of daylight, compounded by the calendar's turnover to March, has got me looking at the cold and snow with a confused melancholy of sorts. Where I come from - the land of salt and sand - early March is the time of year when temperatures start climbing into the 60s. The grass looks green again. Songbirds start tiptoeing their way back. Where I live now - the land of snow and Susitna - near-zero is still a harsh reality. Grass is buried under six feet of white stuff that continues to accumulate. Birds are trying to break into the house. I've lived in Alaska nearly six months now, and I have yet to see a different season.

It's a rough transition. As much effort as I've made to jump full-tilt into southcentral Alaska's winter, it's still tough to acclimate. At least I don't live in Barrow. You know what they say about Barrow -

There are two seasons in Barrow. Winter, and July 14.


  1. We used to say that about Coldfoot and Deadhorse as well, running up and down tha haul road!

  2. Looks like an Iowa ditch chichen is at your door...... mmmmmmm good to eat the meat. No way I could live up there, I need all the seasons:) Although I'd like to get up there to hunt sometime, when I have a few (ok more than a few) thousand dollars laying around that I don't need.


  3. confused melancholy

    That's what it IS! Although we're not as packed-in here as you are there.

    Wishing you patience!

  4. Yeah, my 'rents said it's pretty chilly there right now.
    You know there are four seasons in Idaho, right?
    Pre-winter, winter, post-winter and road construction ...
    I've actually heard the same thing about AK.

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  6. You know there are four seasons in Idaho, right?
    Pre-winter, winter, post-winter and road construction ...

    It's the same in Minnesota. But March is still winter here too. We don't usually get green stuff until mid to late May.

  7. I'm also getting spring fever, and the weather is improving here in SLC, but you may be remembering March in SLC with rose-colored glasses. The average high for the first week of March is only 49F. Further, the biggest snowstorm we've had in SLC since I've been here (8 years) came in mid-march of (i think) 1999.

    However, I totally agree that March is the turning point from nasty winter to fairly nice weather that encourages you to get out and do something.


  8. Here in Northeastern Minnesota they say we have two seasons also. One is winter, the other is summer....and if summer falls on a Sunday, we have a picnic! (I believe it's a Garrison Keillor joke).

  9. I love your pheasant photo. I had the same thing happen at a cabin I used to have in eastern PA. The back wall of the kitchen was sunken about 3 feet, so the picture window was at ground level. I had both pheasants and ruffed grouse pecking at the window.

    Carolyn H

  10. Re: the four seasons. It's the opposite here in GA. Ours are:

    1. Kinda cold (if you're a puss...whicb I am)
    2. Warm & Muggy
    3. Freaking Hot & Muggy
    4. Warm, with bursts of freaking hot, and muggy

  11. I'm from New England. They say here in New England if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes.

    Actually "they" was Mark Twain.

  12. In Phoenix it's all sunlight and summer, hot and hotter. I miss winter.


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