Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Top 10 reasons for insanity

Date: April 25
Mileage: 41
April mileage: 405
Temperature upon departure: 40

Now that I'm planning on riding the Soggy Bottom 100, I should probably make a full disclosure about another summer race that is pretty close to making it on my "must do" list - the 24 Hours of Kincaid.

I know what you're thinking. Why put myself through that ... again? After all, there is a definite point where a mountain bike event stops being a race and starts to become, well, something else entirely. An exercise in insanity. Insomniac theater for athletes. There are only so many times you can ride around a loop before everything turns loopy.

There are so many reasons why riding the 24 Hours of Kincaid would be a bad idea. So I compiled a list of the relative few that make it a good idea:

1. I've already ridden/walked with/stared at with bitter resentment/and ridden a bike for a 24-hour period, so I know it's not outside the realm of possibility.
2. Not many women enter this race solo. Last year, I think the race only had one or two, so I'd have a great chance of finishing in the top 3.
3. I'm not sure what trails the 11.5-mile course covers, but I have ridden Kincaid Park before. Once. Three years ago. Therefore, I have experience.
4. The race is four days after summer solstice, so "night" riding will be almost nonexistent. There will only be about a two-hour period that I'd even need to use a light.
5. If my bike breaks or I bonk along the trail, the worst penalty I'd endure is a 5.75-mile walk to the starting line, not a painful death by hypothermia.
6. I'm not sure how many laps I could do in 24 hours, but last year's last place finisher did one. I'm fairly certain I could top that.
7. Sugar would finally have a chance to do what he does best: hop roots and negotiate hairpin turns. Now, if only I could catch up.
8. Training for this race will give me an excuse to do fun things like go on midnight trail rides or try to ride my road bike to Anchorage.
9. I've already learned the secret to surviving a 24-hour endurance event: Eat. Eat. And try to ignore the purple bunnies dancing across the trail.
10. I'm pretty sure that crazy races make me a better person.

What more reason do I need?


  1. do it
    do it
    do it
    do it

    Just do it...

  2. I agree with Cellarrat! I don't know whether you live to race or race to live, but it's one or the other with you, I truly believe!::GRIN:: Thanks for the well wished and I'll pass them along to the Mrs!

  3. Gofor it.I'm doing my first 24 hr. solo race this year myself. Of course mine is in sunny and warm Asheville. I have absolutley no doubt that if I were in Alaska I'd be sucking my thumb and crying for mommy under the covers instead of bike riding. You are truly awesome.

  4. Gofor it.I'm doing my first 24 hr. solo race this year myself. Of course mine is in sunny and warm Asheville. I have absolutley no doubt that if I were in Alaska I'd be sucking my thumb and crying for mommy under the covers instead of bike riding. You are truly awesome.

  5. don't forget the increased web traffic :)

  6. Do it Jill! You are that good kind of crazy, the kind that impresses most folks, not including family members. And do you really care if a few non-believers think you're nuts!?!?

  7. Solo is wacko, in my book. The fun in 24-hour racing is hanging out with a team. Sleep deprivation is bad enough without all the extra laps!

    Either way you do it, if you can get to Anchorage in late May (gotta wait for the trails to dry out) or early June before the race, let me know. I'd be glad to give you a tour of the course. It's full of confusing turns and a few technical sections. I pre-rode it before my first race and still managed to take wrong turns the first three laps.

  8. I'm a big fan of that relay team format. You feel like you're an integral part of a collective team, but then you have to live with the knowledge that you "could've won if it wasn't for that slow [guy or girl] on the team. It makes your big fish stories bigger in succeeding water cooler conversations.
    But hey, nothing wrong with solo.

  9. congrads to the sponsorship! Whoohooo you go! I look forward to the picture cd!

  10. Solo has bragging rights, team has strategy. Either are fun and crazy. Good luck, and eat and sleep at regular intervals. I managed a team of 4 women in a 24hr mtn bike race a few years ago, and it was fun being behind the lines. I cooked, made sure they had food and kept cleaning and fine tuning their bikes so they had no equipment issues. I highly advise you get someone to work the pits for you. Sometimes you need a voice of reason to drown out the bunnies...

  11. Team has strategy...mine is burgers and beer. Come on Tim...join the Megasoreasses!

  12. The Alaska Mafia will have a debauchery center at the 24 hours to help out fellow and wannabe Alaska Mafia
    ( those who have survived both the Soggy and Sweet Roll or just survived and finished the Soggy Bottom ), also included are any Frigid Bit riders. Music, fun, food, beer, bikes, did I mention beer and fun. We will also have a bike stand at the debauch camper, it will be also available for shelter, did I mention fun and beer.

  13. Carlos - it better be real beer..not those girly wine coolers you drink


    I got Tim talked into it...he's got a friend. It seems my plan for world domination...err racing 24 hours is falling into place. Muwahahahaha!

    Can't wait to see you Homerites up here!

    I plan to take a trip down there this summer (July-ish) with my parents. I'll be bringing the bikes along so maybe we can hook up for a ride.


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