Sunday, August 20, 2006


Date: August 20
Mileage: 15.7
August mileage: 246.8
Temperature upon departure: 59

Today's my birthday
A year of growing older
A day in the sun


  1. Happy Birthday Jill!

    Glad to hear the sun made a special appearance for your birthday. Hopefully this starts a trend of good luck and better days in Juneau.

  2. Happy Birthday!


    Must be nice:-)

    (I'm looking at 47 in a few weeks)

  3. Happy Birthday and a quick recovery from your recent fall. I'm nursing some bruised ribs after my own fall about a week ago. Keep your chin up!


  4. Happy Birthday. Hope you are feeling OK after your crash


  5. Happy Birthday!!! It only took me a few days to get back out and about after my crash. Hope you're feeling better.

  6. happy day of birth (a day late) Jill!

    i came back from vacation today, and read the saga of the last week or so all in one swoop.

    If i may be so bold as to send a comforting hug. Words seem to fail to offer the same level of comfort as a genuine hug. Pretend its from some one else other than a stranger, that's the emotion i'd like to share.

    Things will turn around. I made a scary transition a year ago. You are not alone in the agony of the excess that comes with a transition.

    In time it will be better. For now all i can offer is a hug and birthday wishes - even if both are virtual and remote.


  7. Congrats on another year older, wiser, better!

  8. Happy Birthday Miss Jill. :-)

  9. ¡Feliz cumpleaƱos!

  10. Happy Birthday, Jill!

    I'd sing it for you, but if I did, you'd be overrun in Juneau with lovelorn moose cows! ::GRIN::

  11. Happy Birthday, Jill.

    Thanks for the window into your journey.

    Moving to Juneau without a comfort-based plan, living in a tent down by the river (while working a respectable job), gleeful acceptance of your budget motel room for a season. Lone wolf on the dark highway.

    These are the experiences that set you apart from everyone who's never trusted their fate to the universe.

  12. H.B. Jilleo!

    I turn the big 27 this year month. I think I'm going to have a "quarter-life" crisis and buy a Porsche.

  13. Happy Birthday Jill -- I don't know all that much about the older and wiser parts -- mine a couple of days ago mostly just felt ... older.

  14. Happy birthday Jill. I turned 37 earlier this summer. Looking back, the last 10 years have been pretty darn good. I'm sure your next 10 will be so too.

  15. Sorry I'm late is there any cake left? Happy Birthday kid, we're all pulling for you down in Tallytown!


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