Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last ride

Date: August 1
Mileage: 18.3
August mileage: 18.3
Temperature upon departure: 51

Last bicycle ride in Homer.
With a wind chill in August and rain-spattered streets
Pavement I've pedaled down many dozens of times. Maybe 100 times.
Suddenly drenched in a nostalgia I cannot shake, a beauty I never noticed.

I struggle because I want to remember all of it -
The way the trees pinstripe the sunlight,
The tear-soaked plummet to the Bay.

I find it hard to breathe because I'm descending
Something I'll never again climb.

Wavering against the cow parsnip,
I strain to memorize the musty sweet smell in the explosive umbrellas
Unable to forget how each one looks at 10-below
Encapsulated in ice
As if locked inside eternity.

I find comfort in the idea that nothing stays the same.

I may never return.
But I'll never leave, entirely.

When you hear from me again, I'll no longer be a Homer in Homer.
I'll be a Jill in Juneau.


  1. Good luck on your move to Juneau. I was there several years ago but I don't remember much about it other than going to the capitol building that didn't look like one and my family chartering a boat and catching lots of fish even though we don't normally fish.

  2. Good luck on moving to Juneau!

  3. Good luck!!! It's not that bad. If you like it enough, you'll go back and visit. I'm glad I moved to TX, but I miss my riding routes in the mountains. I'll go back, though, to visit, to observe, and race.

  4. Hey be glad you are moving to another locale in Alaska. Some of us would give our left n*t to be there at all. I'll keep an eye on Homer for you...with any luck and the grace of God, in 6 weeks I'll be the new public defender for the town. Good luck in Juneau.

  5. Well -- Jill in Juneau -- Good luck in your new adventure.

    I am getting lost in my own move now.

  6. Ahh... what I wouldn't give to have your life.. :-) Seriously.

    Good luck in Juneau Miss Jill.

  7. That was very beautiful, Jill. Good luck in Juneau... and I hope that you don't run over too many politicians on your bike rides!

  8. I haven't checked your blog in a while, but, where are you going?? Didn't you just move here??


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