Sunday, January 28, 2007

Recovery bliss

I was standing in the Costco parking lot in my T-shirt and jeans, absent-mindedly sipping on a generously iced Diet Coke, when my type-A alter-ego - that little voice that is always trying to nudge me into action - came waddling up beside me.

"What a waste," it said to me. "Look at the bright sun! The clear sky! The windsock hanging limp and motionless! Why aren't you out there taking advantage of that?"

"I promised my health-nut alter-ego that I wouldn't ride my bike today," I said. "My neck's still sore. I think I got whiplash when I crashed Thursday. See, I can't turn it to the left very far."

"Like taking a neck recovery day is a good excuse," it hissed. "You're only going to get a day like this once in an entire training cycle! You have to seize the day when it comes! It doesn't matter what you did yesterday or the day before for that matter!"

"You know, you're the reason my co-workers used to call me Gimpy McStiff," I said.

"But you'll finally be able to soak up some sun," it coaxed. "You're skin's looking pretty pasty these days. Although you should probably do something about those wind burnt cheeks. Haven't you ever heard of moisturizer?"

"If I actually take rest days," I said, "maybe someday I will look like a normal person again."

"I'm telling you, you're making a huge mistake," it said.

I took another sip of my Diet Coke. The cool liquid trickled beneath my strained neck muscles, releasing sweet shots of caffeine into my bloodstream, where it carried into the knots in my shoulders, the static numbness in the tips of my fingers, the fatigue in my quads, my calves, my toes. And we settled, relaxed, melted in the rare January sun.

"I could get used to this," I said.


So now I'm officially tapering. What will I do with my extra time?

I received this e-mail from my grandma today. She always has good ideas.

"I would make you eat whipped potatoes and plenty of gravy. Then an hour later I would make you eat chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles, topped off with I believe you like tin-roof sundae ice cream. Then an hour later, I would get you some pizza and milk. Not pepsi, MILK!"

I love my grandma.


So the ever-popular Fat Cyclist and I are both up for Bloggies. Good thing were are not up against each other. Still, it does seem like several bloggers in the cycling community are rallying for us, and that's nice to see. I have to admit, I would be fairly exuberant (like Fatty) if I won, but it's not very likely. I'm up against Sports blogs, some of which receive more hits per week than my blog has in its entire existence. But I figure it doesn't hurt to do an extra plug, because, unlike Fatty, I don't know how to put a big flashing banner ad in my sidebar. But just think, wouldn't it be cool if a wannabe-endurance-cycle-racing blog run by a woman whose only high school team was the debate team, and who - despite several attempts to educate herself - doesn't understand how the game of football is really played ... wouldn't it be cool if that blog was named "Best Sports Weblog 2007"? Just a thought. Vote early and vote often. Thank you.


Oh yeah ... Go Colts!


  1. good luck in the sports blog category! woohoo!

    you do have to rest once in awhile, jill :)

    peace out, yo!

  2. That IS a maddening thing when nature curses you with a beautiful day on the one day you PLANNED to rest.

    Sometimes I acquiesce and just go for a casual spin. And I'm talkin' really casual, like a stop and smell the roses kinda spin. Totally wreck your average speed for the month kinda spin.

    (voting for you again)

  3. Well it sounds like you've made a good decision. I have a guy sitting on the other shoulder who says.."Hey finally you've stopped training! That stuff was no good for you anyway! Lets get down to the pizza shop and stock-up on Pepsi Max and videos, it's me time."
    Then you might see me six months later dragging my fat lazy but around town telling stories about when I used to do stuff but something got in the way and now I just watch other people do stuff on TV. Boo Hoo.

    I hope you enjoyed your rest day and are able to get back into it with enthusiasm.

  4. i voted for you! it's so awesome that you were nominated.

    you're such an inspiration...100 miles in that crazy weather up there!

    i think about your rides whenever it's really cold down here. and our cold is nowheres near your cold.

  5. Wow - you make me want to go running when it gets down to 40 degrees here in Austin.

    Good luck in the Bloggies!

  6. Good luck in the Bloggies Jill! It does seem like overkill to call this a sport, but then again it's more than recreation, right? Until there's a better term, I'll go with sport. Football, baseball, etc., those are just games...haha.

  7. Good luck in the Bloggies - gave you and FC a nod. :)

  8. my blog is now considered an art blog

  9. Hey sister. Don't worry about the Football thing. I still have trouble too, but it was because we weren't raised watching it. And with no brothers, and a dad who doesn't watch much TV... we didn't stand a chance! Oh, and why does grandma want to feed you so much?
    Love you.


  10. I enjoy your blog very much and tried to vote, but the site wouldn't allow me. The radio buttons weren't working, I'll try again with another browser. This is an excellent blog.

  11. Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.


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