Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Waiting for the fog to lift

Date: Jan. 30
Mileage: 27.4
January mileage: 856.1
Temperature upon departure: 35

Rough day at work. I fried my brain, so today is a picture post. I thought about gunning for 900 miles this month, but I probably won't have the time. Either way, it's been a good run and I wouldn't give it up even if fitness came free.


  1. you still have today to get those miles in and hit 900. keep smiling!

    peace out, yo!

  2. Wow! That glacier looks cool. I guess we should enjoy them while they're still around huh? Have any of the long time residents commented that they've noticed the glaciers receding?

    Would you please add a link to our blog? We'd sure appreciate it!


  3. I got here from the bloggies page... I'm another 27 year old Leo, but in Virginia, south instead of north. I love your pictures!

  4. i was reading through your recent posts and am impressed with where you've taken your riding in the past 12months! nice.

    it's also good to see that you managed to take-in more calories in your 100mile training ride than you had previously, that is so key. w/o food in the tank, all the training will be for naught come race day - as a training ride isn't anything like a race - you're burning so much more energy, pushing it... my wife likes to put honey in water for some extra calories, nice natural sugar... i go a bit more high-tech, but everyone's different. in the end, real food works the best for endurance, pb&j's, bananas, stay off those processed sugars!

    good luck at the susitna, you're gonna crush it!

  5. Sent off the bivy sack today. Hope it works well for you....just send it back in late Feb. Good luck on the Susitna!

  6. Wow... that's some picture. You make me want to ride more often. You're living the life I'm too chicken to try. I'm jealous.

    Awesome blog, btw. I enjoy keeping track of your milage. Makes my paltry 3 mile commute look pretty puny. Keep churning up the trails!

  7. Great photo. The glacier must be breathtaking in person.


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