Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday link dump

I blew off a "Young Democrats" St. Patrick's Day fundraiser after work because I was too tired to function. Then I ate a big bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and now I'm up surfing the Interweb. I thought I'd share a few good links for those who have time to kill today.

She's even more of a exhibitionist than me. But she's beautiful and amazing, and I can't help but visit her blog every day.

The other day, I guessed his weight and won a prize. The best part? It's a surprise prize.

A bunch of people have come to this blog recently in Google searches for "March Juneau Snowfall." I get all of my information from my neighbor in West Juneau, who also is an amateur meteorologist.

I like the way he races. And I like the way he thinks.

If you think I'm crazy for aspiring to long-distance winter mountain bike rides, this amazing story will confirm your suspicions.

This one reads a little more sane (but only a little.)

Juancho and I are fighting the same battle. He's winning his.

Mocha Momma quit blogging earlier this month to make room for real life. I could take a hint, but instead, I'll probably go back and read all of her archives that I missed back when I had a life.

Also no longer blogging at his old site is Jim. Someone needs to help me find his new one.


  1. Jill, Go to my blog and you'll see my email address above the links. I can tell you how to find Jim's new blog. The Dirt Diva is amazing, but her blog is like a bad car accident. You can't help yourself from gawking at it. Doug

  2. Jim's new blog is just a bunch of pictures of him lounging about in various states of undress. It's really quite disturbing.

  3. It would be quite disturbing. Thank God it's not true.


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