Sunday, April 29, 2007

My grandma's prayers have been answered

I think someone stole my wetsuit.

It was in an ugly backpack in my car. Now there is no ugly backpack in my car. I'm still clinging to the fading hope that I misplaced it, but it's likely gone.

Also in that backpack was Essential Juneau Cycling Gear®, my neoprene gloves and socks. I would feel sad about this loss, too, if I was still clinging to the fading hope that I will be able to ride my bike before neoprene is rendered obsolete by 110-Percent Waterproof Spaceage Body Armor®.

My grandma didn't want me to go swimming in the ocean. Now it looks like I won't be able to anytime soon. Not only do I not have a wetsuit now, I also have a wetsuit deficit, because that one belonged to Geoff. So now I have to buy him a new wetsuit before I can buy one for myself.

The thief neglected to steal the big box of recyclables I still have to haul to the dump.

Also, I really did lose my camera last week. I think my doctor stole it. Either way, it's gone. No more camera.

I'm beginning to think 2007 is not my year. Now would probably be a good time to consider hibernation.


  1. Be sure to spread the word that you're missing a day-glo orange wetsuit. When I lived in Sitka my bike was stolen; I spread the word that it was gone and a fisherman found it a couple weeks later by the harbor. It would seem the thief realized they wouldn't be able to do anything with it since everyone knew it was mine. Small islands, and all that.

  2. Give her back her camera Dr. Logan!

  3. Sorry about the string of bad luck. I was looking forward to reading about your swimming experience.

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  5. Umm..arctic swim...sends warning signals in my mind for some reason.

    As for the poor luck, well, I'm sure that is temporary.

    You should think about crewing for someone doing RAAM or RAO or some other ultra event during your recovery time. This way you still get to hang out in the atmosphere of the event, and there's a wealth of knowledge to be had in crewing.

    Use your down time to train the mind. You'll be too busy training the body when you regain your health.



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