Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nice to be back

Date: May 26
Mileage: 18.4
May Mileage: 133.4
Temperature upon departure: 47

I've spent the past hour squinting at wet pavement, thinking only of known consequences, and shoulder-buzzing tour buses, and all the ways I can already visualize summer slipping away. Cold liquid is cascading over my lips and I don't know whether it's rain or snot. I don't know if it matters. I don't know if I should buy more neoprene. I don't know why it's so difficult to just turn pedals. I don't know if I should just quit this whole cycling thing. I don't know why I'm so frustrated by the decision. A truck pulls up beside me as the driver yells something over the downpour. I know it must be rude - it always is, in this kind of weather - so I glower at him and yell "What?!"

"Hey!" he screams, "You're hardcore!"

And we both know I'm not.

But thanks for that, anyway.


  1. Jill,

    Someday this injury will be in the past. You'll be back. And you are hardcore. Half of my racer teammates won't even ride when it's raining...

    Do your best to stay positive and you'll make it through somehow. Even when it seems like you can't see light at the end of the tunnel yet.


  2. Jill, you are hardcore. Pushing those pedals when it isn't easy makes you hardcore. Doesn't matter how far. Every pedal stroke counts, because one pedal stroke at a time moves you forward, heals your knee, builds up your stamina and soon you will be pounding those miles again. Just remember: ONE PEDAL STROKE AT A TIME

  3. I think we are all inspired, Jill.


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