Monday, May 14, 2007

Yet more Utah pics

These are a few of Geoff's pictures. I'm sure they'll turn up on his blog. But I'm posting them here, because this is my Web site and I'll do what I want.

I went swimming in a White Canyon pool. It wasn't the Colorado River, but it was cold enough. If only there was enough water for me to travel the entire canyon that way, I would have been set.

Dave Nice and I build fire because Utah is cold place.

Pete rides up what I assume is Murphy's Hogback, along the White Rim trail.

I love this picture. I'm not quite sure why. I just do.

Anna in Fry Canyon, shortly before the group hit a dead end that no one was expecting on exit day.

The group gathers in White Canyon. I'm the gimp on the left.


  1. looks like you guys had a great trip. we'll be going to moab in june for a few days. haven't been there since i was a kid and never rode a bike there. i'm excited!

    take care...

  2. Glad you're back and I can keep up with you via posts. Great pics.

  3. Isn't White Canyon mentioned in Into the Wild? Jon Krakauer talks about a kid who disappears in the desert in that book (not the main character, but another guy) and I thought he was in White Canyon.

    Of course, I could totally be mis-remembering...

  4. Ya'll tried to hike up Fry?! Doah!! Did you eventually find the trail out upcanyon from Fry's mouth? That big pool is nice to rappel into on a hot day.

  5. dave,
    yeah, we had no idea that you couldn't hike up fry until suddenly there was nowhere else to go. luckily we ran into a couple guys who told us there was a trail up to the rim before we hiked too much further down white canyon.

  6. just came across your blog. It's cool. Beautiful places. :) :) :)


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