Sunday, July 06, 2008

Geoff's back

Date: July 4 and 5
Mileage: 18.1 and 30.5
July mileage: 48.6

More than two months and a lifetime worth of mountain biking later, Geoff's in Juneau, and just like that, the routine has returned.

Geoff: "Did you eat any real food while I was gone?"
Jill: "I already told you, there are Pop Tarts on top of the fridge."

Geoff: "When did we get so many cats?"
Jill: "Those are the same cats."
Geoff: "Are you sure? I don't recognize that one."

Geoff: "Why is your Pugsley in the bedroom?"
Jill: "I was lonely."
Geoff: "That makes sense."

Geoff did return with a serious drill Sergeant hair cut and quads the size of small cars. He used to have more of a streamlined runner's body, but now he's put on some upper body weight, his upper legs are almost grotesquely overbuilt and his calves are much smaller than I remember. A visual reminder that mountain biking is in fact not a natural thing for a human to do. Still wish I could put on that kind of muscle. Maybe if I laid off the Pop Tarts.

Geoff also wrote up a good "race report" of photos and observations on his blog. Straight and to the point. He didn't blather on about it for seven days like I did after the Ultrasport.

I'm still trying to get my groove back with the cycling. My passion has dulled a little this week, kind of like the pain in my right heel - which, since it came on during my measly 24-hour race, I certainly can't complain to Geoff about. I'm still watching the weather and the snowline, dreaming of jagged ridges and alpine tundra, thinking I may still make good on my vow to try trail-running this summer. Mount Roberts Tram Run is in three weeks. Think I can race it? Well, if Geoff thinks he can defend his title in the dirt marathon that is the Crow Pass Crossing in two weeks, I can certainly give it a shot.


  1. The real question is: Is the Mt. Roberts Tram Run ready for you. Funny thing about tiny calves is that I originally thought that cycling was going to build my calves; alas, they still look like those of a ten year old girl. A hairy-legged ten year old girl.

  2. The fastest cyclists I know (Harris, Woodchuck) have the most egregious chicklegs. It's a psychological weapon.

    This is a funny, funny post.

  3. And I never, for nutritional reasons, want you and M to hang out.

  4. Pop-Tarts are a bike rider must have. They go down easy and give you that boost. Of course, some healthier items might be a good idea when not needing that quick energy boost on the bike! :)

    Glad your guy's back and you're together again!

  5. Pop tarts are a food group. Seriously.

  6. i would have thought that to be a food group something has to be food.

  7. Such levity! The post has me laughing...then the comments knocked me outta my chair and ROFL.

  8. I agree with Geoff. Twizzlers, for example, are not a food group. They exist on a higher level altogether.

    Pop Tarts lack resistance to squishing. Too high maintenance.

  9. I make sure to eat from all four food groups. For example: Swedish Fish, Fruity Pebbles, milk chocolate & bread pudding.

  10. Jill, I have to look for "blather" in the dictionary. I like your blather!


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