Thursday, October 09, 2008

Pics from a plane

I know, I know. No one takes pictures from a plane because the color and features are really flat because you're shooting from 30,000 feet through several panes of bullet-proof Plexiglas. But today was a really nice day for flying. And I got stuck in a window seat on three different legs, drinking the complimentary caffeine and then paying the price with a full bladder while two unconscious strangers slumped over their trays next to me for the duration of the flight. I suffered for these pics, so I'm posting them. Beyond that, I had a good flight and a great, rare evening with my two sisters - sushi and Scrabble. We leave at dark o'clock tomorrow for the long drive. So I'll just leave it at the pretty sunrise over Juneau ...

The Coastal Mountains ...

Morning over a rare nice October day in Ketchikan ...

Mount Rainier ...


  1. Who's this no one? =) I think lots of folks I take pictures from the planes. Maybe snobby 'professional photographers' don't but who really cares? Every flight I'm on, I do, given that the view isn't obscured by clouds or night. Great photos! :D

  2. Ahhh, I haven't been anywhere at dark o'clock in a long time. I miss it. There's no dark o'clock in SF, just 10 o'clock. Everyone wants to start at 10 o'clock. I am still a bit confused about it.

  3. I never take pics from a plane, but that's because I'm too afraid to look out the window :-)

    Have a great vacation Jill!

  4. Those are amazing pics on a plane. Mine usually involve me freaking out, blowing into the paper bag, etc.

  5. danielle and kristina,
    yeah, i don't have any idea how anyone could be so calm as to take pictures while flying... but for me that has a lot to do with the fact that i was recently on a plane that caught on fire and then lost cabin pressure. good times.

  6. Sweet photos. I like plane pics.

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  8. big fan of taking pics from planes myself... got some good views of ranier on our last flight (not nearly as close or good as yours) and have caught some good ones of the alps when we were on a small prop plane over swizterland.

    good times! :)

  9. I think photos out a plane window can turn out ok:

    and it tells part of the story :)



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