Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snowbiking in Utah

I had a great trip across the Grand Canyon and I took a ton of photos that I still have to download and edit when I have a little more time. In the meantime, I am enjoying the rest of my "fall" vacation in the land of Zion, also known as the land that only seems to be cold when I'm in town. We returned from St. George late this afternoon. I lowered the seatpost on my dad's Trek 820 and headed out for a short ride around Draper.

I headed up toward Corner Canyon. Fresh snow in the foothills made for some harrowing downhill runs while death-gripping the levers to my dad's old-school cantilever rim brakes. But, wow! That's probably the most fun I've had on a mountain bike in weeks. Maybe even months.

How come nobody told me the city of Draper built a huge network of great singletrack right in my old back yard? I may just have to move back in with my parents for a while. I couldn't pull myself away, even as my legs - still tired from the R2R in the Grand Canyon - started to protest, and even as evening approached, and even as a visibility-limiting snowstorm moved in, I always wanted see what was ahead on the next trail spur.

A long traverse through a recent burn on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail reminded me of this far-away place I'd like to visit in February. That rigid old 820 is a bit rough on the rocks and the weather people are calling for more ice and white stuff tonight, but I can almost guarantee I'll be back tomorrow. Then I have to go back to Juneau in all of its October glory on Tuesday. Boo!

Grand Canyon pictures soon.


  1. I can't believe you aren't a hired gun for one of the trade mags yet -some cycling, adventure, travel publication - or even National Geographic! Your photos are phenonmenal (and improving), as well your writing - have you sent any of those guys a portfolio??? Have a safe trip back to J.


  2. Riding a hardtail with old-school cantilever rim brakes in the snow? That should cause some white knuckles. You're braver than me.


  3. Sweet. Just goes to show you that a good ride can be had in all sorts of places, even places you thought you knew well. Can't wait for the new pics.


  4. See, there is a lot more places to discover on your bike in Utah. Maybe you could move back for a little bit... (but I don't want you to leave your muse and be sad!)

  5. I didn't know you were in Utah! You should have come with Lisa to the meet and greet!

  6. I think Fatty did a write-up on those trails not long ago?

    Cool shots, as always.

  7. Wow! Great post Jill. Those trails look awesome.

    Allison is correct. Fatty did write about the trails in and around Draper.

  8. Have you viewed this website that has a list of all the trails in Alaska and where they are and how good they are?

  9. Fatty did a post about Draper a couple of months ago:


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