Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Book update

It's been a while since I posted an update about my book. I wanted to again thank everyone who has purchased it. I released it in November as a fundraiser for the 2009 ITI, and the royalties have helped me pay for the entry fee, travel expenses, food and new gear. I received my 2008 W2 tax form from Lulu the other day. When I showed it to Geoff, he said, "You earned as much from your book in a tenth of a year as I earned in a tenth of the year, working." I didn't remind him of all of the long summer nights I stayed up until 4 a.m. pounding the thing out. I also didn't remind him that the sum only included the books that sold directly through Lulu, and not the boxes I've moved out of the house. Anyway, it's been a lucrative fundraiser, and I wanted to say thanks again.

I also wanted to thank everyone who e-mailed me in the past month with contacts at bike shops and book stores. I'm sorry if I haven't gotten back to you. I made the mistake of posting a request for contacts before I went to Hawaii, and came home to a flood of e-mails. I just wanted to let you know that I have saved them all and will be sorting through them in hopes of expanding my distribution when I have more time. Right now, the book (and any future projects) have been pushed far on the backburner, and that's OK.

A few readers have been nice enough to post reviews online. You can read them here:

Kent's Bike Blog
An Adventure Called Bicycling
Moronacity (not a book review, but a really cool essay just the same.)
The Accidental Athlete
Danielle Musto

UPDATE: Fat Cyclist (Thanks, Elden! Great timing.)
One Less Car

Finally, I want to apologize for the long delay in getting the signed copies of the book out during January. My trip to Hawaii, the fact that I ran out of a shipment before I expected to, and continued busyness all conspired to delay some purchases for a couple weeks. I should have all of the books out now, and I now have more in stock, so if you ordered my book in the past few weeks and you don't have it in hand by Friday, please contact me. The book is still available for purchase, the money still going into my hemorrhaging Iditarod fund. In a couple of new developments, I now have the eBook listed separately. It costs $8 and is available here. Also, approved "Ghost Trails" for sale, but they don't yet have it in stock. For those dead-set on purchasing it from Amazon (who, I will say, take their fair cut), it will likely be listed here in the near future.

I still receive the highest royalties from those who purchase a signed book directly from me, using the "Buy Now" button in the sidebar. I'll only be able to offer this option for the next two weeks. After Feb. 22 I will be in Anchorage and no longer able to process orders until mid-March.

Right now I am working on my gear list and will probably post it in the next few days. (Having it on record helps me more than anyone.) Stay tuned!


  1. ...and Fatty did a top-notch review, as usual. :-)

    Thank you for the compliment on my essay. It's an honor. :-)

  2. i finally have some snow pics to rival yours...well, not quite- no place like alaska. mine are from bell rock in sedona...we got a decent amount of snow to make the 'white' images i just love when i visit your blog. i will order your book as soon as i relocate and have a valid address...which will happen when i am out of my abject poverty ;)

    here are my sedona snow pics:

  3. My copy arrived Wednesday, same day as your post. And from the bio I find we have some common ground (besides cycling): I did some of my growing up in Utah, and did my bachelor's degree at the U. of U. ... though I was a bit before you.

  4. Hey Jill, some time ago, I commented on one of your posts. And I mentioned I have a link on my site to your site. You mentioned, you would place my link on your site. Any chance you would be willing to do that?

    My blog is:


    Rick Cosaro aka Moo Moo

  5. Just got around to finally putting down my 20 spot to get some Jill thoughts in the mail.

    I think I see a glimmer of a great idea here.

    Jill's next book needs to be coffee table.

    I can imagine how awesome it would be if just a fraction of her best pics made it into a beautiful full color book. Plus there's still plenty of space for words... especialy nonlinear thoughts or even poetry.


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