Monday, April 20, 2009

A sonnet

"Ode to Spring Snowshoeing"

With sunscreen slathered on winter pale skin;
I approach a sea of snow, smooth and wet.

Glistening ice crystals invite me in.
Snowshoes hold me above slushy depths.

In the calm of a warm Sunday morning,
Lethargic mosquitoes buzz by my ear.

Avalanches could drop without warning,
So I seek out places open and clear.

Open, so open in rich April light,
I run hard; my legs and lungs gasp for more.

On a canvas where creation takes flight,
I could leap off a cornice and soar.

White spires line paths to the great beyond;
It’s how I’ll remember you when I’m gone.


  1. Really nice! It´s good to see you happy. I see you are recovery well.

    Best regards

  2. It's Spring where I'm at. The grass is green now, the flowers are blooming, and the trees are starting to show some color. Looking at your cold snow pictures reminds me of a recent past I'd just as soon forget. HURRAY FOR SPRING !....GOODBYE SNOW !.

  3. I am continually amazed at the beauty of your photography. Thank you.

  4. wish you could do all this not uproot animals-little sad.

  5. Oh so pretty.
    Really cool Snow Bike video awhile back.
    Platforms with power straps have served me well often. I also like clipless. I'm no help am I?

  6. so beautiful! The pictures and your sonnet!

  7. I still think you can sell calenders of your photos. I'd buy one or two. By the way, I loved your book. Maybe someday I could have you sign it.

  8. Mike In WI say's

    Sonnets should have ten syllable titles.

    Mike In WI


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