I suck at tapering

So the Soggy Bottom 100 is in less than 48 hours. When it comes to tapering for a bicycle race, I tend to be a bit unorthodox. Some people rest, fill their glycogen stores and hydrate. Others do easy spins to loosen up their muscles. I like to get up early after five hours of sleep and go for long, hard hikes. It may be a questionable taper strategy, but it sure does fire up the synapses.

I wanted to go real big today, but I had to be at the office in the afternoon, so I dialed it back to the longest Juneau hike that I have completed before - the Juneau Ridge to Granite Creek Basin.

From the top of Mount Juneau, there's a good view of the airport runway that will be the launching point of my doom early Friday morning.

It was ultra-hot today ... meaning it was in the low 80s. But the sunlight reflecting off the snowfields made it feel much warmer. Stranged to feel so scorched while walking on snow.

I tried for the Juneau Ridge five times last year, and every single time I was shut down by bad weather. I was so frustrated last season that I never got to do anything "big." I love that this is now officially a hike I can knock out before work, as long as I motivate early.

The view northeast: I can see Canada from my house.

The Juneau Ridge is a good connecting point to the real backcountry - the Juneau Icefield. Someday (hopefully soon) I'm going to plan a multiday trip out that way. I will need to find a partner that is good at reading maps first.

Mount Olds. Someday I will bag that as well.

Five hours. 12.5 miles. 5,430 feet of vertical. Just like resting, only better.


  1. Shelldon11:52 PM

    My word... and all this done with so much nonchalance before work.... she is wonder woman I suspect :)

    At the risk of repeating so many of those before me, you're awesome, and I'm stoked you're having so much fun out there.

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  4. Train Your Mind: Change Your Brain is fascinating. I think you'll like it!

  5. Gr8 Work yaar, Lucking much more like dis from u in the future...
    Thank Yu Dude!

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  7. How many India based spammers do you get every day?

    "I can see Canada from my house" Nice.

  8. But can you see Russia? Ha, ha!

    I suck at tapering too so I understand.

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  10. Marc L9:32 AM

    what a beautiful place you live in

  11. kentucky joe10:15 AM

    okay, now you are just making your readers crazy with envy. I love to read your blog and am a regular at Fat Cyclist, too as I just love the photos that accompany the great writing, and I know I live in the beutiful bluegrass of kentucky but you two make me so jealous of what is in your backyard to bike, hike and gawk at...well, let's just say I have "gone green"!!! Nice way to start the day though.

  12. from the rainy-ness of a London summer I am loving your pictures of sunshine and excitement!
    Keep it up,


  13. You know, map and compass work, navigation, isn't that hard. Pick up a book on Amazon and get the basics. (You might search "Expert with Map and Compass", I'm pretty sure there's a title out there very similar and it's a good book.) Then, go somewhere you know well and practice. I think you'll find, if you follow sound practices, you'll not get lost.

  14. MarcL4:31 PM

    the Juneau Icefield is an amazingly intense place packed full of glaciers and rugged mountains. I'd love to go but then there would be two of us lost! Sounds like a great multiday adventure.

  15. Good luck on the race. Hope you made it on the plane! I'm glad you have had such nice weather lately and that you got a weekend off!

  16. i also suck at tapering. Awesome pictures. I am lookng forward to a day of trail running and biking

  17. You've got quite a talent for photography as well as blogging, will be following your ride, as I'm aiming to start 29,000 miles from Deadhorse in 2011. Keep up the miles.

  18. from the rainy-ness of a London summer I am loving your pictures of sunshine and excitement!
    Keep it up,

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