Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Silver city

My friend Brian and I had a great morning fishing for coho salmon off South Shelter Island. Calm waters, sunny skies, temperatures in the high-70s, kicking back on the boat and crazy arm-busting action for 45 minutes. We caught four silvers and lost two, and spent the rest of the time listening to jazz and working on our farmer tans. This fish is my first of 2009, a big ol' coho. Delicious.

On the way back, we pulled up next to a humpback whale that was just bobbing motionless in the blue water. We decided it was sleeping. Later, Brian wrote to inform me that "they don't really sleep like humans, but they doze with half of their brian sleeping while the other pays attention to breathing and danger." I wish I had the ability to do this. It would make for killer ultraendurance cycling times.

Master fisherman Brian with the four silvers we caught.

I arrived at home to find this letter from State Representative Cathy Muñoz. Not only am I a registered D, I don't even live in her district. How sweet is she?

OK, I'm torn between finishing up my Tour Divide report and going to sleep so I can get up early and aim for a big peak. Hmmm. Weather report calls for more heat and sunshine. Looks like an early bedtime for me. 'Night!


  1. Congrats are in order regardless of affiliation! You did a fine darned job of it!

    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

  2. looks and sounds like a good time! keep smiling!

  3. Comon'... you can spell it out. Democrat. :P

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  5. Mmmmmm salmon. That is a nice note indeed.

  6. Alaska is so beautiful - great pictures and you look happy too... now about that last chapter... your fan base is waiting patiently

  7. Awesome! You're a star!

  8. Jill,
    Good for you hiking and fishing! I was always the "bill payer" sort of person. Pay the bills, run the errands, do the chores, before I went out for some the age now of 53 I regret that some. I am changing my ways with your blog as an inspiration!

  9. Nice fish! That's a frame, wall hanging deserving photo if I've ever seen one.

    Curious to know how many guys you also stomped on that adventure ride.

  10. Not sure if I said it before, but CONGRATS on the Tour Divide!

    After seeing your salmon pics I'm really missing Alaska right now... *whine, sniffle* gotta pay for salmon down here. Those are big silvers, good on ya.

  11. Please put 1/2 of that Coho on dry ice and ship immediately to North Carolina. I dream of Pacific Salmon. I crave Coho. I'll trade ya some BBQ pork, coleslaw & hushpuppies for your fish. Okay, and a six pack of Cheerwine. Deal?

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  14. That coho is huge! What fun. And what a nice letter from Muñoz. Glad to see you are enjoying the sun - I am loving it over here in Canada (*waves from my house in case you can see me*).

  15. Alaska is so beautiful - great pictures and you look happy too... now about that last chapter... your fan base is waiting patiently

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