Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rainforest trail

This is where I go when time closes in,
This place hidden away from the seasons.
Too dark for berries.
Too dense for snow.
This is where I go.

This is where I ride when weather closes in,
And sheets of rain fall from the sky.
Sheltered and narrow,
This is where I ride.

This is where I climb when life opens wide,
With choices strewn about a borderless maze.
Endless loop,
Lost in time.
This is where I climb.


  1. You are amazing.
    Athlete, artist, poet.....

  2. This is one of my favorite self portraits I've ever taken. I love the motion blur, the curving trail and the downed tree. All accidental, of course.

  3. nice lines...
    nice pic...
    simple and makes a point...

  4. Self portraits are sometimes challenging and fun at the same time. Great pic!

  5. I love it.!!!!,,,...


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