Thursday, September 09, 2010

"Forever Lost"

Dave made a super-awesome video blog post about our Glacier ridgeline adventure.

Forever Lost from Dave Chenault on Vimeo.


  1. That video puts into perspective just how windy is was for you guys/girls up there. Nicely done. I like the energetic music too. Made hiking even seen extreme :-) Beautiful shots of Glacier, but words, pictures, and video still fail to show just how beautiful it is out there.


  2. Wow, the Chimmey scramble looked pretty extreme. Impressive vertical for a single day!

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  4. I seldom leave comments on blogs, but you really impress me, also I have a few questions like to ask, what's your contact details?


  5. Just caught back up with your blogs of the past few weeks. If you keep doing things with guys like Dave and Alden, you WILL be skiing this winter, no doubt! I hope you find that you like it as much as the other fun things you are doing down there in Missoula-land. By the way, check out the highly unusual September Juneau forecast for this week - sun, sun, sun!!!

  6. Just curious, what's the preferred kind of footware for a hike like that which covers such diverse territory from sub-alpine forest, to scree, to ridgeline, to climbing a chimney?

    BTW, good stuff!


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