Friday, April 22, 2011

All we do is climb

My current training plan alternates days of cycling and running to help me transition into more focused running training, because all of my planned early summer races are on foot (yeah, I really need to find a good 24-hour mountain bike race to plan for. Summer in the Lower 48 just wouldn't be complete without a grueling lap race.)

So far my runs have been fairly unambitious and easy going, because Beat is smartly taking time off to recover from his Achilles injury, so since Sunday he hasn't been with me to crack the whip. I was planning to put in a good solid run after I finish up some projects this afternoon. But I've been feeling a bit tired all morning, and wondering why. It occurred to me that despite my lax running week, I've had a fairly ambitious cycling week. I decided to crunch the numbers:

Saturday, April 16. Road cycling. Distance: 44 miles. Elevation gain: 4,377 feet
Sunday, April 17. Running. Distance: 9 miles. Elevation gain: 1,000 feet.
Sunday, April 17. Singlespeed mountain biking. Distance: 32 miles. Elevation gain: 4,258 feet.
Monday, April 18. Running. Distance: 8 miles. Elevation gain: 1,200 feet
Tuesday, April 19. Singlespeed mountain biking. Distance: 25 miles. Elevation gain: 3,401 feet.
Wednesday, April 20. Running. Distance: 8 miles. Elevation gain: 1,200 feet
Thursday, April 21. Road cycling. Distance: 36 miles. Elevation gain: 5,574 feet.

Mileage: 137 cycling, 25 running
Total time: 16:47
Total climbing this week so far: 21,010 feet

Now I'm contemplating taking a rest day today.


  1. You say "...really need to find a good 24-hour mountain bike race to plan for...", let me put in a plug for two fun events to plan for:

    The Vapor Trail 125
    24 Hours in the Sage

    The Vapor Trail 125 isn't actually a 24 hour race, but I think it might be your kind of thing.

  2. Just looking at your mileage and climbing maks me tired.....yeah, maybe a rest day wouldn't be a bad idea...

  3. Thank you for taking a rest day! I was getting tired :)

  4. +1 on vapor trail, right up your alley jill =)

  5. Hi. This post is very apropos. I was just thinking to myself that I needed to spend more time on the hills--and the only way to make it interesting was to chase elevation gain. Thank you.

  6. Thanks. Now I really feel like a slacker! :)


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