Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tiny Freedom Challenge Update

Jill did not have cell reception for most of the day, so all I got were two satellite messages. The were able to put in a double day as planned, though they were still struggling with navigation (I could see they got lost early in the day, costing them 20-30 minutes). The race plan calls for another double day tomorrow. The course seems to be mostly on well defined dirt roads and even a fair amount of pavement, with only one cross-country looking section, and one section with lots of forest/farm dirt roads intersecting. Other than that the elevation profile looks promising for some good mileage.

Here are the messages (hearty smileys removed:):

Hi love. Mildly sprained ankle when step broke at lunch stop. Other than that day was good. Liehanns shins bad.
and, after I asked more about the anke:
Sore hiking and a little wobbly but not too bad. Beautiful long climb today . Nav still main source of stress. 
And that's all I know. But they were back on the road a bit after 6am, indicating plans for another ambitious day!

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