Snow and solstice

Five new inches of powder in my front yard and a final daylight loss of 0 minutes, 3 seconds. It only goes uphill from here.


  1. Jill,

    Beautiful blog! I love it. Alaska is high on my list of place to go. A friend of mine is trying to convince me to climb Mt. Mckinley with him and I must say it sounds very tempting.


  2. daveIT8:08 PM

    No snow down here in Anchorage...I'm never going to learn XC skiing with the weather like this!

    Enjoy the blog...good luck on Su100!

  3. Jill,

    Kudos to you on a really great blog. Although I am new to blogging I keep coming back to yours. Your pictures are really good and the commentary is also. When I get nastalgic about Homer (which is a lot) I take a look at your blog. Ya I know that there is no such thing as a "charmed life" but hey, thats what the fantasy we call writing/blogging is all about -- creating a make believe world that we and others can escape to.

    I am sympathetic on the light issue. When I talk to people about Alaska, they generally refer to the weather as the reason why they would have difficulty living in Ak. I however think the larger issue is the short winter days!

    I look forward to your commentary on the su100. Just a shout out to ya!


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