Sunday, June 25, 2006


Date: June 24 and 25
Mileage: 168.2
June mileage: 647.3 (inc. 18 miles June 22)
Temperature upon departure: 63

I'm back from the 24 hours of Kincaid race - long, dusty, hilly. Surprising technical stretches. Moose on the trail. Hills. Psycho porcupines. Deteriorating judgment. Long. Not that I'm nearly lucid enough right now to post a race report. The race organizers haven't posted the race results yet, but I surprised myself with my progress. According to the last updates I saw before I left Anchorage, I placed anywhere from third place to sixth place among all solo 24-hour cyclists, with the top finisher at 22 laps, second place at 19, and three others that were near me at about 16. Out of two solo women, I actually came in first by several laps. Hopefully they'll post the results on the Web site soon.

For 22 hours and 55 minutes I pounded out 16 loops, at 10.5 miles a piece. I kept a consistent pace throughout the race - my fastest loop was 1 hour, 12 minutes and my slowest was 1 hour, 23 minutes, and I took a 5 to 25-minute break between each one. Besides somewhat debilitating but temporary stomach cramps and a sideways fall over an especially rooty stretch of trail, I felt pretty good and strong throughout the sleepless night. But sleep is what I need most right now; I'll fill in the details tomorrow.


  1. Have a good sleep Jill, and good on ya! Regardless of whether you are first or last, just finishing a 24 hr is an accomplishment!

  2. Congrats!

    Just out of curiosity... What's the metallic thing over your front wheel, above the noodle? It looks like a cross between a fender and a WWII German army helmet :-)

  3. jill
    you rock!
    good job
    solo is definitely not for me!
    the team effort is enough of a challenge for me
    rock on

  4. Girrrrlllll,
    You rock! Now go get some sleep.
    Way to kick some serious 24 hour A$*!!!
    You're my hero

  5. Congrats Jill! I hope you're still sleeping while I post this. :)

  6. Congrats! Enjoy the overwhelming feeling of accomplishement, you deserve it. And when you get back on your bike... remember... it'll be a little easier next time!

  7. So what's on the shuffle? :-)

    Congrats. Not sure how you do it, but my hat off to the suffering.

  8. Congratulations, on your awesome journey through time.
    Definitely a Soggy Bottom worthy effort.

  9. Congratulations, Jill! I attended the last 3/4ths of the event in support capacity for a group of my friends and co-workers who were participating, and saw how amazingly well you did! Not only the fact that you kept rolling, nearly non-stop, the entire 24 hours, but also in that you seemed to be genuinely enjoying yourself and the challenge of the event! Each time I happened to see you go through the gate, you had a grin on your face that only certain endurance-junkies can appreciate - a mix of satisfaction, amazement and a pinch of wry incredulity. ;)

    Be proud! It takes a certain amazing character to accomplish what you have done. Congratulations!

  10. jill
    you can thank the mind of john stamstad for letting us know that the limits of some people on the bike is beyond that of many others
    you are one of those people
    must be a combination of training, spirit, and some freaky gene
    came back looking for the report
    you must taking a break

  11. That's radical! Congrats on your awesome performance!


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