Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ride too much

Date: June 7
Mileage: 22
June mileage: 192.2
Temperature upon departure: 48

First a confession, than an admission.

I'm not an athlete. So maybe I have a problem.

Commuted today and even then couldn't go straight home. Almost 200 miles in the first week? Seems a little high for a rec rider. A little low for a wannabe endurance bicycle racer. Where do I fit in?

Can't figure out if I'm addicted or dedicated. Chasing experience or escaping growth. A healthy hobbyist or a well-covered procrastinator. A driven beginner or a flailing expert.

In the end, they're all just euphemisms for the same thing.



  1. Hi Jill, I admire your enthusiasm and spirit. Myself if I wasn't so obsessed with painting I would cycle more! But I love painting and like cycling! Going with what you love, brings joy and isn't joy what we are after, as an end result? Keep pedaling!

  2. better late than never- thoughts on tech/ downhilling skills.

    Hammering/ climbing has more to do with the rider's ability than the bike's ability. Technical riding is often about what you do not do, rather than what you do. Knowing the bike, and it's design limitations is important for agressive/ assertive singletracking. Being a balanced "passenger" and letting the bike do its job, is the secret.

  3. Jill,
    You're an athlete.
    No question.

  4. Would an athlete by any other name sweat as much? (with apologies to the Bard)

  5. As long as your enjoying just don't care what label you have =)

  6. I enjoy your writing - but you're no expert. It's easy to determine when you are: manufacturers start giving you free gear. Keep it up though. It's all just for fun unless you're making money at it. :-)

  7. I lack the time
    and well
    my ADD does not help either

    long rides are not part of my "thing"
    time is really part of the issue
    my personal input to reward ratio is pretty satisfying

    I do not feel I need to ride a hundred miles to prep for a hundred mile race

    my guess is you are racing this event solo...

    good luck with it no matter how you take it...

    I am sure you will rock the house no matter what you do
    you train
    and you have spirit
    either will take one pretty far
    there is little that person can not achieve it that do so choose

    I am a slacker
    never much for homework


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