Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Date: Hmmmmmm
Total mileage: 51
June mileage: 243.1

Still around, still breathing, not so much pedaling. My family's been in town, and you know how that goes - days that once sported 24 hours each suddenly seem to only have four. Busy busy busy, not that I have good exuse.

I left my camera at work. But here's some of the photos I've taken in the past five days:
*The blurry dorsal fin of a humpback whale
*An even blurrier photo of a black bear cub hugging an interpretive nature sign (I promise, that black blob is really one of three cubs that crossed my path behind an intimidating but indifferent mama bear.)
*A big glacier
*Another big glacier, blurred by a cloud
*Famous Alaska poet John Haines
*Baby moose
*My mom actually riding her own bicycle
*Poor, poor seasick Anthony (at least, I think that red blur slumped over the railing is poor, poor seasick Anthony.)
*Puffins and sea lions
*The great cat standoff

There stories are good, too, but maybe only to me.

I will come back eventually. Promise.


  1. pssst Jill! "their" stories, not "there". I don't mean to condescend, you're just such a grammar/spelling stickler...

  2. Hey, some more thoughts about downhilling on mtb: one of my buddies pointed out to me that it might be bad to hang your leg off the saddle as it throws your balance off. The idea is just to shift your weight to the back end of the bike so you don't endo, as that would result in the worst kind of wreck. That ought to make you feel a little more secure, and therefore be a little more confident when it comes to descents, eh?
    P.S. My family from AK are visiting here right now. Weird.

  3. I'm headed down to Homer this week (Fri & Sat) and I'm thinking about bring a bike along. I'm not sure if I want to bring my mtb or my townie. I won't have too much time to ride. Any tips? Where could I go for a quick early morning jaunt?



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