Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Few roads

Date: August 21
Mileage: 33.4
August mileage: 280.2
Temperature upon departure: 57

This morning before work, I rode out near the end of the Douglas Highway. I had to turn around about 11 miles in due to time constraints, and later learned I was only about a mile from the end.

This means that, having lived here only two weeks, and having ridden a total of only about 250 miles, I have now pedaled nearly every stretch of nonresidential road in the area. All I have left is the 8 miles of the main road that I missed when I crashed out Friday, and the one mile at the end of Douglas. As I looked out at the cross-channel view of town today, I began to form a realization of just how boxed in I really am here in Juneau. But at the same time, I feel grateful that what I'm "boxed in" by is thousands of miles of untrammelled wilderness. So, if I can box in some time, and if I can unpack some boxes at a (still crossing my fingers) new apartment, I hope to hit the trails real soon.


  1. Oh how I envy your boxed iness...

    Have fun exploring and bushwacking those trails..

  2. Really enjoying your blog. I hope you know how lucky you are to live in such an amazing place! I lived there until I was 7 - Bettles, AK and boy, do I miss it!!

  3. About once a week i check the weather report for Juneau and thank the stars i'm down in Bend, Oregon where it's sunny and warm most of the summer.

    After spending last summer in Juneau, living in my mini-van and cursing every rainy day, i can feel your pain. Your photos do remind me of how pretty it is, though.

    Like you, i too felt boxed in in Juneau. Skagway and Haines felt so much more open and free. What a difference a road makes, eh?

    Good luck with the apartment search. I know how tough it is.


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