Sometimes pictures reflect moods

I like the swirling storm clouds in this one. Especially since the reason I stopped to take it was that small window of sunlight in the center.


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  2. Anchorage also has only had the token patch of sunlight for the last couple of weeks. I am ready for rain or sunshine.

  3. really nice. Thank u for sharing ... would love to visit Alaska, hate the cold though.

  4. Wow. It's beautiful.

  5. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Maybe there is a reason you are not meant to ride right now. Perhaps fate had it that you would have gotten run over by a truck, and decided that the time wasn't right for you to be riding.

    It seems like from your journal that hiking does not hurt your knee as much as the riding motion. Why not dedicate the spring and possibly the summer to hiking? It's different from riding of course, and I know the addiction, but hiking can be sweet. Especially where you live. If someone told me that I couldn't ride this summer but I could hike in the mountains surrounding Juneau for three to four months, I could live with that. Very well. You get to climb mountains, see rowdy terrain, get a killer endorphin enducing work out, check out caribou, bears, elk, eagles, hawks and a whole host of other things. In someways, it's very similar to riding and you live in one of the best places in the whole world to do it.

  6. Me gusta especialmente la combinación de colores grises y obscuros. La linea del horizonte se funde con las nubes, tanto que no se aprecia si el firmamento comienza a raz del suelo o en la parte superior de la fotografía. Excelente toma.

  7. My wife and I get to visit Juneau in early June as part of a Celebrity cruise. I can hardly wait to see some of these lovely sites! Thanks for sharing and I hope your knee gets well soon.

  8. Hey:) I enjoy reading your blog, great pictures.

  9. Hi Jill

    Quick Blog question - how many blogs are you able to have in your blog - our site has locked us out at 50 and we can't seem to change it - plus we can no longer delete posts.


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