Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This is where I work

And I don't have to come back for nine days. Ode to joy.

Here are my goals for my vacation to Utah:

1. Ride the White Rim, but not all of the White Rim. Maybe what Geoff says is right. Maybe the first 10 miles are the most boring 10 miles of mountain biking in the West. And maybe he will take my Advil and force me to turn around at Mile 10. And maybe, as he disappears into the Canyonlands chasm, he won't even notice if I drop off the back side of Schaefer. After all, I have all day to hoof it back up. Hooray!

2. Eat Mexican food like people in Mexico intended it to be eaten, with actual peppers and everything.

3. Go swimming in the Colorado River.

4. Somehow not fry (I haven't experienced an outdoor temperature above 59 degrees since July.)

5. Remember Mother's Day and buy my mom something nice.

6. Find out Dave's endless endurance fixie secrets.

7. Find out Pete's nutrition secrets (and end my inner debate about what's the better subzero fuel, licorice or Oreos.)

8. Remember that Geoff is the one who planned to bring nearly a dozen people from all over North America together for a disjointed week in the middle of the desert, and so it's his job to work out the logistics, and it's my freedom to eat licorice and hobble around on my trekking poles without a care in the world.

9. Be good to my knee but not too good.

10. Come home in nine days only feeling only marginally worse than I do now.

Yeah! Vacation!