Friday, June 01, 2007

Felt really strong today

Date: May 31
Mileage: 25.3
May mileage: 194.2
Temperature upon departure: 53

Ever had one of those weekend mornings in which you wake up from something approaching nine hours of sleep and think "Holy cow ... I feel like I could re-tile the entire bathroom using only my fingernails and modeling clay, then go for a 100-mile bike ride, and then reupholster my hideous couch, and then have breakfast"?

Today was one of those mornings ... except for, instead of doing all that, I went for a simple 90-minute cruise on my touring bike. I wasn't supposed to ride at all today, so I think it was a fair compromise. Still, 25 miles passed like I was the one standing still. Even in low-impact spin mode, I still managed to average nearly 19 mph in the first nine miles. Slowed down finally when I rounded the island and turned to face the wind. But I never even broke a sweat. Just propped myself up on my Ergon grips (which I love, by the way) and tilted my head toward the sky, soaking up the salt breeze and the twisting tips of spruce trees as they whipped effortlessly by.

It's funny because I'm so out of shape - at least, out of biking shape. I have atrophied quad muscles and a knee that hates to turn circles. But on days like today, everything else dials in so nicely that my body can overlook such simple deficiencies as a near inability to ride a bicycle. And when that happens, I just ride. I ride until something makes me stop riding. And yes, I think I showed notable restraint in cutting myself off at 25 miles.

Still went to the gym and did my stretches and weight-lifting, because today was the day for that.

The night was filled with good friends and the amazing view from the deck and their new home and soaking up the clear evening air and the end of May with grilled portabella mushrooms because, for whatever reason, most of my friends think I'm a vegetarian (I'm not, but I don't complain when the result of this misconception is grilled portabella mushrooms). All in all, a pretty good day.


  1. Your knee will get better. It took me almost 9 months for my left knee to heal properly. Now, it feels great (my right shoulder now hurts from too much swimming).

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for your blog. I read it every day. I am a 60 year old guy from Provo Utah, and when I was a young buck I lived in Juneau and traveled around on a road bike and in those day’s they didn’t have Mt. bikes. Like you I love Utah and Alaska which I consider my homes. I had just finished the White Rim just before you got down there. Great Trip. I got married to a hippy lady and moved her to Juneau and we lived on Lemon Creek in a trailer and had our kids born there, and then moved up on Star Hill.
    Your pictures bring me great memories, Thanks again Stoney

  3. You go girl!!!! I am glad you had a good day:D

  4. It sounds like you are getting better. I wonder, with the Soggy Bottom so late this year...

  5. Days like those are good days.

  6. Jill, really good to read about you having good days on the bike again. The strength will come back quickly.

  7. Sounds like a great ride, Jill. Did you ever get a knee brace? I'm with everyone else It's great to hear the smile in your typing when you're posting about riding again.

  8. I have a pair of those Ergon grips and I LOVE them as well


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