March 31, 2009 toe update

I have buried this post in the archives to protect the squeamish.

March 2: At the Mat-Su Valley hospital, about 18 hours after I first discovered I had frozen the tips of all five of the toes on my right foot. (Despite appearances, the left foot is normal.)

March 12: This is an "after" picture. My doctor has the "before" picture, taken before she removed black-purple blisters on three of my toes; and the tips, which aren't really shown here, were still gray.

March 26: This is the first day I could truly put all my weight on my toes and walk normally without pain. The general feeling now, four weeks after the injury, is still one of tingling numbness and intermittent streaks of a burning pain. I still have to bandage it daily and still don't wear a shoe on that foot, to keep the circulation moving. As far as the level of numbness now, however, I have definitely had more severe numbness in my hands after long bike rides in the past. To the touch, I can feel most everything, even on the still-calloused tips. And, much to my doctor's annoyance, I haven't yet lost a single toenail yet.


  1. You truly are fortunate.

    I'm always amazed at how fast the human body can heal itself.

    Very pleased that you're doing well.

  2. Jill, I enjoy reading your blog so much. You do so many amazing things and I love hearing all about your adventures and seeing the beautiful pictures. I can't wait to read your book. But you are crazy. I am so glad you still have all of your toes! I'm sure your parents are thankful too! Stephanie (Perry)

  3. Debamundo7:37 PM

    Cool. I was hoping you'd post pictures. Is that sick?

  4. Considering the dire warnings for the squeamish, those aren't exactly grotesque. I gather the depth of the injury is reflected more in the residual damage to nerves rather than tissue. Looks like you're healing up well, which i'm sure is one hell of a relief. On a side note, I see you instituted comment moderation. Can't blame you. Although it's kind of puzzling that with all the mean-spirited garbage deserving of derision put out on many blogs, that a blog simply concerned with riding a bicycle under adverse conditions would attract the troll asshats. People never cease to amaze.

  5. You know Jill, that left foot looks a little f@#@ed up! Are you sure there is nothing wrong with those toes :-)

  6. I braced for much worse. Those are looking good.

  7. hillmasher7:34 PM

    Purple & black are excellent colors for a marching band, but one never wants to see them as skin hues. Glad you are making such a wonderful recovery and please keep posting. Love the photos.

  8. I thought it would be worse - I hope they continue to heal well.


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